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    I am wanting to try a few premium diapers. Though ones like super dry kids and Bambinos are in medium and large. I have a size 28" waist, so I am fairly skinny. I wanna know, before I say, but the ABU sample pack, or even one or two bags of bambinos or something, how well they would fit on me. Also I know Molicare uses a small size, and was wanting to know how well they hold, along with opinions on the Tranquillity ATN, as I just bought some off Amazon. I am sorry for all this asking, just a newbie DL, (still not sure actually) wanting to know some answers is all.

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    First off, I currently sport a 33" - 34" waist. But this was not always so.
    The small size of most brands claims to go up to a 31" waist. At the time when my waist measured 30", I could barely squeeze into a small of any brand. So I think a medium of practically any brand (except Dry 24/7 -- these run larger than other brands) would probably fit you okay. If this is what you're asking.
    The Medium ABU Cushies I have almost seem a bit small for me -- I think this is due more to the design / placement of the single tape than the diaper itself. I think you'll be fine with a medium ABU product.
    Bambino? Don't know, never tried them (will get around to that eventually though).
    Tranquility ATN -- Again, I think mediums will fit you okay. Personally, I don't care as well for the way they fit my body, and I've had trouble sometimes with the top tapes popping loose. Otherwise, they're a good, reasonably high-capacity product , since they use a larger amount of SAP, they're more absorbent than they look like they should be and still manage to be comparatively thin.
    Anyways, I don't know how qualified I am to answer your question(s) as I'm a bit more rotund than you. But hopefully this helped a bit.

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    Most diapers are different in the sizing and fit as you know. It is like any product try a sample before you stock up. I just ordered and received a lot of attends booster pads and tena overnite pads and thought they were going to be bigger than they are. I goofed and they are tiny. You get what you pay for.

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