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    (deep breath) Okay, here we go. I'm Ty, a longtime lurker on these forums. I've never really the... courage, I guess, to ever properly introduce myself around here or participate. It's still kinda weird to me. I'm a college student still living at home for the next year or so to save some money. As far as interests and hobbies go, mine are fairly varied. A few big ones are music (I absolutely love my saxophone, as well as listening to bands such as Alter Bridge and Five Finger Death Punch), gaming (Team Fortress 2), fighting, screwing, and reading the news (bonus points for anyone who knows).

    Obviously, I'm here because I have interest in the diaper scene. Specifically, I identify best as an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, but I don't really know beyond that. I haven't explored anything past that yet. I've been into this stuff for a few years now, and been on this site for a while, but I finally worked up the gumption to start posting and being a part of this community. It's kinda weird to be thinking about sharing such a private, taboo part of my life wiht complete strangers on the Internet, but I've seen enough to know that this community should be a great place to do so. So, as for what I want out of being on this site? Just to talk and get to know other people like me, and possibly learn some things about myself in the process.

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    Hi Ty4 welcome and not a bad "intro". I think you will like it here. Have fun.

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    Hi Ty4. I felt the same way when I first came on. You're absolutely right. We grow up with these desires, and begin to practice them in complete secrecy, so suddenly discussing it to others seems very strange, at least at first. After awhile I began to feel more comfortable and other members were very kind to me as well as supportive. We are this unique family who share this one thing. Believe me, you are in good company, and we have all been new to this at one time.

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