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    Need some advise, please. I have bought heaps of cushies, but only recently got some Super Dry Kids, I always thought they were the same with different front panel. But I find that SDK's seem to be fuller in the rear area and therefore fit more snug. Is this right or am I imagining this?

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    Nope you're right. I thought so too because I bought 40 of each but the Cushies leak every time unless I double up and the SDK don't

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    You are definately right! I bought 40 Cushies and 10 SDK and the SDK are definately fuller in the back

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    I just add booster pads or even a pamper 6 insert into the cushies and they work great.

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    Sounds funny but I have heard heaps of people say that cushies leak but I have never found that. I can wet/flood three times before having to change?? What do you find. abena M4 can hold about 5 times I agree but then are twice as thick.

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    I have only used SDK, but I find them to be mostly novelty diapers.

    They don't really work too well for their intended purpose. I've had issues with pin-holes, and totally random leaks with almost every one I've used. Not good.

    They are cute, however, and I do like wearing them.

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