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Thread: Gamers of ADISC: I need your help

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    Default Gamers of ADISC: I need your help

    O great gamers of ADISC, I call on you for your opinion:

    This is the first year I've brought in a serious amount of cash for Christmas, which makes getting one of the current game consoles a reality. For reference, the last time I got a new console was about three years ago when a friend got me a Gamecube for my birthday. My Gamecube and my N64 comprise my entire game collection, mostly because the cost of a new system is pretty prohibitive. I do enjoy video games, I just can't really afford them.

    Now, I actually have a chance to get one, and I'm leaning toward a PS3. However, I also realize that for the amount of money I'd spend on a PS3, I could also get a case of Abenas, a bottle of my favorite scotch, some new home furnishings, a new watch, and still have some left over as rainy day money, my point being that ~$300 is a LOT of money that I could do a LOT of other stuff with. Plus, I'm concerned that a new system will be a money trap, considering new games run around $60, controllers are $40-50 a piece, and I hear there are tons of things to buy online for your games, so I'm a little concerned I'm getting in over my head.

    So, for those of you who own a PS3/360/Wii, was the purchase worth it? Has it eaten up all of your cash? Any advice for someone new to this generation of games?

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    My 360 purchase was definitely worth it. My PS3, not so much. I tend to use the 360 over my PS3 a lot more due to its better online system even if you do have to pay for it. Purchase of my 360 was definitely worth it even if it does eat up all my cash although my PS3 is usually just used as an expensive paperweight. If its money your concerned about then i would save most of it and wait, the next generation of gaming consoles is just around the corner. :P

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    I'm the opposite of LittleNaruto, I get a lot more use out of my PS3 then I do my 360. and I love that the PS3 has a Blu-Ray player built in.

    That being said Xbox has launched and is launching a ton of online apps Vodu, I <3 Radio, UFC, SYFY, Youtube, MLB network, HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, Last FM and more that i can't think of off hand. Most of these are included in your $60 a year Gold Membership, but several are pay my month services. For all the services offered on Xbox you could be looking at close to $40-50 a month. So i'd really take that into account.

    As far as games go, both systems has pretty much the same to offer outside of their franchise games, Xbox: Halo & PS3: Resistance. Both offer motion controller games, but Xbox goes further with voice control. and PS3 supports 3D.
    Hopefully this will help you make your decision, but either system will be a great buy!

    Just and FYI:
    PS3 w/ Uncharted 3, 320GB system is $299.99
    PS3 320GB system with Sports champion Move bundle (motion controller) $349.99
    Xbox 360 250GB Holiday bundle with $75 gift card is $299.99
    Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect (Motion control system) is $399.99
    These prices are from EBgames online and might be different then other retailers and offers though

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    I was a large playstation user but I simply love my X-Box 360, I never really look at it as a money trap because I just wait till the games get dow to the $20 dollars or less mark, As for online no clue I don't do online gaming.

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    If your PC is anyway decent, it might be more worth your while to just get games on PC. Obviously, if you have to buy a new PC, it'd be quite expensive, but if you spent more than €500 ($650) on a PC that wasn't a Mac anytime in the last 3 years, it will be able to run most games that are currently out. Not on the highest settings obviously, but they'll run. Most games are designed with the lower specs of consoles in mind (and after a good few years, current consoles are well behind PCs) which means nobody really needs a high spec gaming PC unless they want to turn all the graphics all the way up full. Given that you're coming from a Gamecube, I'm guessing you're not in that group.

    Other than that, if you do go for a console, Xbox Live fees for playing the 360 online will quickly bring its cost up to that of a PS3, but if you're not playing online, a 360 is much better value for money. Most games run the same on either console, so you're not really gaining much by buying a PS3. For most people deciding to buy one, the more important factor is which console their friends play online on.

    Apparently there are stuff like Netflix or Hulu that are exclusive to one console or the other, but since for me these are all "Not available in your country", I can't really comment on if they make a big difference or not.

    The Wii is much cheaper than the other two, but it basically exists off in it's own world as far as available games go. Most of the AAA games are 360/PS3/PC. Some of them have versions on the Wii, but they're usually significantly inferior and missing online play. Stuff like Skyrim and Battlefield for example is never going to work on a Wii. Some Wii games are fun in their own right, like Super Smash Bros., but if you're considering buying just one console, I certainly wouldn't go for the Wii. The Wii is also likely going to be the first of the current generation of consoles to have a successor released, so from a longevity perspective, it's also a bad buy.

    Kinect and Move each have their own games that make use of them, which are kinda different to the standard controls available on their respective consoles, but 90%+ of the stuff released for them is either optional extras in games which you can easily ignore and not miss anything, or gimmicky stuff which I wouldn't bother buying. They aren't a necessity even though if you go into somewhere like Gamestop they could make a big effort to sell you them.

    Regardless of whether you buy a console or just play games on your PC, the main piece of advice I have is never buy a game anywhere near release date. It'll be buggy, and it'll cost a lot more. And the developer will probably release extra DLC that you'll have to pay for over the course of a year. Instead, wait about a year, until a compilation edition of some sort is released. Usually these will contain the game, all the DLC that's been released to that point, and cost about 3/4 what the game did at release date.

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    I know you may be set on a console but i will just put this out here as a second option. PC. yes a good one will cost more than a console but the money saved with no controlers and VERY cheep games + wider selection of games and indie titles in my opinion makes it a better deal.

    for example. If you have ever heard of "steam" (a way to buy games for PC and mac online for alot cheaper than on disk) games for christmas are 25-75% (or more in some cases) off the price thats already cheap as chips.

    Edit: damn hex got in just before me

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    I had a PS3 but gave it away. (yes really). I have an xbox 360 and i love it to bits.

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    I have both an Xbox and a PS3, the Xbox I got in 2008 when they were still quite expensive ($479 I believe I paid), and I have a pretty large library of games now, and I love it to bits. Even though I own a PC capable of running modern games, I still choose to get them on Xbox most of the time as nothing beats the experience of sitting in front of a proper sized TV with a good sound system on a couch when gaming. The PS3 on the other hand, I got last year second hand because I wanted to play some of the exclusive titles coming out for it, and I found that I did not like it as much as the Xbox, and haven't really bought any games for it. I think the Xbox is the overall better choice.

    As for getting sucked in the buying things online, I would not really know, as I don't use xbox live and if I want DLC I wait for a version to be released that includes all the DLC. Games are not THAT dear (Here they'll run you about $80 - 100 for a new release, but if you wait 6 months it'll be under 50), and in America I have heard they start at 50 and go down from there, so that'd be even better.

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    If it was me I would go for a PC with a deditcated Grapics card and 750 watt power supply. The other things you can do is upgrade the grapics card to make it faster for newer games. Untel they release a new verson of PCI E slot. But that my view. I stop useing consoles when SNS was out.

    One other fact in the USA After December it seems the last Generations of PC are on sale. Because they will release Newer and faster PC.

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    I agree with the PC option. It might cost a little more than the consoles but its well worth it. Consoles are beginning to show their age and even with a 500.00 one you can still play the latest games and have them looking better than their console versions. and unlike consoles you'll only need to upgrade a small part of it every few years to keep it up to date. The fact is, PC gaming is BETTER but not always preferable. There are a lot of reasons for this including, Mouse and keyboard; its a lot faster, and gives you more precision than your average console controller, just point and click.. High screen resolutions; Sony and Microsoft go on and on about their consoles being HD but PC does it a lot better, even an average PC can handle a high resolution of 1920x1080 while consoles are stuck at 1280x1020 by default. Try setting your monitor to that, it looks terrible. The higher the resolution, the better it looks. There are a lot of other reasons but im not going to go through them all, Mods (Free game updates, addons, made by fans for fans, its also easy to download other peoples save games or even modify a save for your own purpose such as skipping parts of the game etc), Upgradable hardware (i already explained a bit about that but if your upgraded then the truth is, any console game just cannot beat its PC counterpart in terms of how it looks), Unlimited storeage space (While the consoles can be unlimited by buying an extra hard drive for about 80.00 that only gives you 250GB, a PC 1TB SATA Hard drive can only cost about 30.00 and you can have loads of them and have them accessed at the same time while the consoles can only access one at a time. I realise this post might seem like im hating on consoles but im really not, im just saying it how it is and informing you all about the advantages of a gaming PC, i actually play my 360 a lot more than my gaming PC even if consoles are beginning to show their age. and now its time to reinstall Windows. W000t.

    LittleNaruto ^.^

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