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Thread: First diaper advice.

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    Default First diaper advice.

    All that is available locally is Attends, Depends, goodnites, and under jams. I have a 38 inch waist and a slightly larger hip measurement, I am a guy. I like to wet or mess, which of these will work best? Is there any other brands that are always available in like a Walgreens or CVS that are better?

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    I think depends would work decently if you like to mess, just get the high absorbency. Never been able to try Attends though.

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    What do you man you absorbency?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blahblah23454 View Post
    What do you man you absorbency?
    I think he means Depends Maximum Protection. Personally, I prefer Attends to Depends because they hold more than depends and are cheap.

    Being about the same size as you, I do not fit very well in Goodnites, and while they are childish and fun, are not very practical but can be used as stuffers. Underjams are even smaller than Goodnites, and so I would not reccomend those to you. Goodnites typically only hold one or two small wettings, and hold messing fine unless the mess is not solid. If you stretch them out enough, you may be able to put them on, but it may tear the stretchy waistband.

    Depend Max Protection are the best products of the Depend line, but that isn't saying much, as Depends only hold about one medium sized wetting, and must be changed soon after use. However, Depends are super crinkly, plain white, have three tapes, and fit decently. I have a 38" waist, and so Medium Depends barely fit, and Large Depends fit perfectly.

    Attends tend to be cheaper than Depends (at least where I live), and have slightly better absorbency.

    I have not tried CVS or Walgreen's diapers before, but I have heard mixed reviews. General consensus says that CVS and Walgreen's diapers are better than Depends, but not better than Attends. Also, Walgreen's and CVS diapers are the same diapers, but under different branding and packaging.

    When looking at diapers at the store, always look for the highest absorbency rating when comparing different products from the same brand.

    Unfortunately, adult pull-ons are nothing like Goodnites, Underjams, or Pullups. Adult pull-on diapers look like granny panties, are thin, and lack absorbency as they are for light incontinence. The tape up diapers are usually your best bet.

    To know if a diaper tapes up or not, look on the back of the package. A tape-up diaper will always have instructions on how to put them on printed on the package. Pull-ons usually will not have this feature, as their application is self-explanatory.

    Overall, of the choices you mentioned, I would rank them in this order:
    1) Attends
    2) Walgreen's/CVS
    3) Depends
    4) Goodnites
    5) Underjams

    Good luck on buying your first diapers, and I hope you found my advice helpful.

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