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Thread: Video games that would make great movies?

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    Thumbs up Video games that would make great movies?

    Okay, not sure if this has been posted before so apologies if so.

    Basically I have never seen a movie that has been made from a Video Game franchise, so generally I can't say if they tend to work or not.

    However I can't help thinking how great the Mass Effect series would be in movies, if done on an epically proper scale by say Geroge Lucas, Peter Jackson or Spielberg, to name a few.

    What does everyone else think? Also any other games you think would make great movies?

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    Didn't Squaresoft do a Final Fantasy movie before they merged with Enix? If I remember right the movie didn't really have anything to do with any of the games in the series, but it still carried the title, and was made by the gaming software company.

    On that note though, I would love to see a movie made out of Suikoden 2 or Suikoden 5. I think the premise of either of those games would seriously make for a great movie.

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    Bulletstorm would be a boss movie, and so would the FEAR series. To be perfectly honest, Call of Duty MW 1 2 and 3 are ALREADY movies. Assassin's Creed would be great as a movie. Left 4 Dead campaigns would be good movies as well. Tom Clancy's splinter cell games. Battlefield 3. Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    Movies inspired by games:
    Halo Legends.

    .Hack Liminality.

    Resident Evil.

    Super Mario Bros.

    Far Cry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakRoo View Post
    Please, read the words above that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyFox View Post
    Please, read the words above that list.
    my mistake, i misinterpreted. thouoght you meant something else.

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    I truly do belive that World of Warcraft would make great movies, the problem I think is that there is a huge story behind it that you can't put in movies, but they made it work with LoTR.
    If made right, a WoW movie could be one of the best there is.

    I assume Skyrim would make a decent movie, but I have a feeling that it would turn out as tacky as the Eragon movie did...

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    Mmmm Gears of war i think would be good. all 3 i mean though there are gaps between the games so i guess off shoot story not main chars from the game? *shrug*

    final fantasy VII was made into a movie called final fantasy "Advent childeren" which continued on after VII. it was awesome.

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    I think L.A. Noire would make a great movie. It has a good story, action, and suspense. The only thing I'm not sure about is how they would continue the story.

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