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Thread: Not nervous buying diapers anymore!:)

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    Default Not nervous buying diapers anymore!:)

    Well you guys said it best, buying diapers each time gets easier and easier, I wasnt even really that nervous that time, in fact I wasnt nervous, I mean I had it in the back of my mind that I could get caught, but I wasnt really nervous, I just left Walgreens and Cvs(went to 2 different stores) and bought boys goodnites and pull-ups 4t5t and it was very nice quick and really does get easier, Im really happy right now....Would any of yall like to share your experiance buying diapers when you weren't nervous anymore?

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    Well i can't say that there was much of a story to my non-nervous experiences, but I've happily reached that point. The last time i went out to buy, my cashier was an Uber Hot chick, and it didn't seem the least bit uncomfortable for me to be holding two packages of diapers for her to charge me for.

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    I'm happy for you! Here's to looking forward to more no-jitters diaper purchases.
    I don't think I can remember the first time I bought diapers without almost wetting myself. *cymbal crash*

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    I am no longer nervous when buying diapers, x-mass eve i stopped at two different rit-aid drugstores and bought them both out of their overnight absorbancy adult pull ups which work very well for me.. 3 at one store and 2 at another .. 80 diapers total which should last me though next month.

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    I'm an ole lady, so it is perfectly natural for me to be buying diapers of all sorts. I can imagine, though, it would be very anxiety provoking for a young man to be buying diapers - congratulations! Really though, you should be free to buy whatever you want, whenever you want without judgement. But, yes, I could understand the terror of meeting someone you know, with a arm full of diapers.

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    My first package came from a friend of mine who is wheelchair bound and had some that weren't working for him, but today I bought my first package! I watched Sons of Anarchy all day and walked in there like I was MFing Gemma Teller lol xD - take no BS style and bought them, tattoos showing and all. Rawr! I was super excited!!

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    I'd have to say I stopped being nervous about three years ago. But, I always buy baby diapers so I doubt anyone would find that strange as I am well old enough to be a parent. Lately I've actually found it exciting to see the attractive female cashier touching my diapers!

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    I finally bought some diapers this week instead of relying on samples. I had no fear whatsoever. I guess I was just ready to make the official jump into diaperdom that purchasing them was more fun than frightening.

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    Oh those days... how I don't miss them...

    I did get over the nervousness for the most part. I don't think I could EVER get over the nerves entirely. There would always be some part of me that would worry about bumping into someone I knew...

    However, it's all online now for me and I much prefer it: better selection, discreteness and availability.

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    It does get easier each time as you've discovered. I'm also an online shopper now (it's cheaper) but I do remember how nervous I was the first time I bought from a store.

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