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Thread: I was in an accident yesterday.

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    Default I was in an accident yesterday.

    I totaled one of my cars yesterday in an accident, not 1/2 mile from my house. I had just gone and picked up my son at the bus stop and was almost home, when someone pulled out of a side street right in front of me. I didn't even have time to think before we collided. I was hurt, but my son was ok. He's just sore from the seat belt hitting him. I hit my jaw on the steering wheel, and my forehead hit the sun visor and broke the windshield. I was transported to the hospital in an ambulance, and what a rough ride that was. They strapped me to a back board because of possible neck and back injury, and after I got to the hospital, they left me on that damned thing for 4 hours. I was in so much pain just from that I could hardly think straight. I had x-rays taken while still on the board, and the tech had to pull my arms downward so they could get a clear x-ray of my neck, and all the time I'm just about crying from the pain. I waited in the ER for close to 3 hours before the doctor finally came in to see me, after he had looked at my x-rays, and all he could say was "Damn! What happened to you?!". I guess he hadn't seen so much hardware in one person before. Then he told me that nothing was fractured or broken, but that I didn't have hardly and discs left in my neck, from the degenerative disc disease. They gave me a shot of some stuff called "Deloted", I think that's how you spell it. It's 20 times stronger than morphine. That took about 30 minutes to kick in. My inner lip on my lower jaw is all black and blue from the impact with the steering wheel now too.
    Now I'm just sore from my hair to my toenails, which the doctor said will be normal. I guess I'm just lucky I wasn't going any faster than I was.
    My car is toast too. It wasn't much to look at, it's a '90 Buick Skylark 4 door, with the paint peeling off everywhere, but it got great mileage, and was a good running car. I had put a lot of work into it over the years to keep it in good shape. But I only have liability insurance on it, so my insurance company won't pay to replace it. Fortunately, the other guy was at fault, so hopefully I'll get it replaced soon.

    I'll try to post a few picks of it soon.

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    Well... sorry to hear about that. Glad you are still in one piece though. Make sure to sue the pants off of the other driver for pain and suffering too!

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    Rest yourself for the next few days, but don't really sue anyone else. The insurance company will happily pay for time off work, your car, and damages to your son.

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    I was thinking the same thing, Darkfinn. After the lawsuit, you can drive a Cadillac. Other people's stupidity is so infuriating when it involves pain and suffering. There's no excuse for just pulling out in front of someone. I'm glad your son is o.k., and I hope you improve quickly. Sorry about all the discs in your neck. I have a misplaced vertebre, and it often bothers me. I think it's from an old injury when I was hit by a car while walking across a busy highway. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricky View Post
    They strapped me to a back board because of possible neck and back injury, and after I got to the hospital, they left me on that damned thing for 4 hours.

    I waited in the ER for close to 3 hours before the doctor finally came in to see me,
    I hate when they do that! My mom has asma and was having breathing problems so we took her to the hospital and it took 2-3 hours just for a doctor to see her!

    "gentaly hugs" Sorry to hear about what happend and I hope that guy gets whats coming to him.

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    Ricky, glad to hear you weren't injured any worse than you were, and that your son is OK. Maybe having a larger car like a 4 door Buick helped cushion the impact and lessened the injury to you? Yes, you will be sore for several days unfortunately. Sounds like you had the normal experience in an ER with waiting for several hours. Being in pain as you were, I know it must have seemed like an eternity. Hope you recouperate from your injuries as quickly as possible.

    Even though the other driver was at fault, I sure hope he wasn't seriously hurt either.


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    This was one case ricky if you were driveing something newer with an air bag you would have been better off, sorry to hear about the accident, and I hope you and your son will be OK soon.

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    My friend just got in an accident too. Except he hit a tree, not another car. And he was speeding. And trying to fishtail. And his car erupted into flames spontaniously.

    Ah well, glad you're not hurt too bad.

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    Sorry to hear, and hope you're feeling better soon.

    And sorry to burst sue-happy people's bubbles, but unless you can substantiate that there was some blatant negligence or intent, it's unlikely a suit would stand. Most likely it was an accident.

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    when I was in my accident past june the TA who was driving also had to be strapped on a backboard due to possible neck injury. Anyways I am glad you and your son are both okay all things considered. Being in car accidents can be scary.

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