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Thread: Sometimes I love my ISP :3.

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    Default Sometimes I love my ISP :3.

    I may not live in the ghetto side of my NY-suburban town, but somedays I take a hike to the other side of town -- the heart of the 'ghetto side' of town, you know, roaches (*shudder*), peeling paint, shotty living conditions, etc... -- to my friend (and fellow =Tech9= squad member)'s house. Now, instead of using his shotty FiOS connection, I use my ISP's town-wide free Wifi hotspot -- which is only allowed to be used by it's customers. Woohoo!

    Speed could be better, but hey, free Wifi for me!

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    I wish my city had something like city-wide wifi for any ISP! I usually have to sneak onto someone's personal wireless to get internet outside of my apartment..

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    I think there is a system like this for Internode customers. I'm not sure if it's free. But I'm pretty sure they operate a roaming wireless network in the city.

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