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Thread: Buying online question.

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    Question Buying online question.

    Ok, so, my mom seems to have forgotten about me getting caught, so I think I may come out of my little vacation from diapers.
    I'm going to buy online, I've seen a thread about this I believe, but I've decided that, when I go to a store (Alone) to get an iTunes gift card to download music for my iPod touch, I think I may get an Amazon gift card so I can get some diapers online. (I'm 18, but I'm still in HIGH SCHOOL, so I live with MY parents.)
    I probably know how to be sneaky, but my question is:
    How can I be even more sneaky in buying online and receving the package (like when it arrives when I'm at home, or when it arrives when I'm at SCHOOL) Or if you have any other ideas about buying online and/or getting a prepaid giftcard, please reply and tell me.

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    Don't get it sent to your house. Get it sent to your post office or get a courier to hold it at the depot.

    PO Box is another option.

    There is also a store which I can't remember the name of but will receive a parcel for a one off fee.

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    Ok, I may try, but I CAN'T drive.
    But I'll try.

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    If you get them sent to your house have the delivery date land on a day when you're home on the weekend, try ordering on Thursday or Friday so they come on sat or sunday

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    Just ordered a package of Abena Delta M2 diapers and they came yesterday. Used an Amazon gift card and they showed up at my house. I suggest that you order to be delivered on a day that your parents are out of town. By out of town, I mean on trip for a day or two. This is risky, but thats what I do and it seems to work.

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