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Thread: Have you worn diapers in the hospital

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    Default Have you worn diapers in the hospital

    This question is for those of you who don't need diapers. Did the nurses or doctor know you wore? what was there reaction when you told them? I assume you told them the truth.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I was there for a cluster headache. I didn't tell anyone about the diapers since I was afraid that 1.) They would suddenly lose interest in making my head stop hurting and suddenly try to fix incontinence (and a cluster headache is no ordinary headache. It's like having a big drill bit go up your nasal cavity and into your eye). 2.) I was afraid of being catheterized.

    Since I was only at the hospital a few hours, I was able to keep that tidbit of data under wraps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    Cluster headaches.
    my condolences to your pain hating part of your body.

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    Sort of kinda.

    I had to have a sleep study for my sleep apnea. Instructions said to "wear what you normally wear for bed", SO I DID!

    I arrived with my overnight bag, it contained my PJ bottoms, t-shirt, diaper and some stretchy compression shorts. When I was told to get ready for bed, I went into the bathroom and diapered up and got in my PJ bottoms.

    When the tech went to wire me up, he did not run the wires down my pants legs, so I wonder if he knew i was diapered and did not want to embarass me.

    The second sleep study I had a different tech, she was very forward, so I decided not to wear. She pulled open the front of my pj bottoms and dropped the wires down the legs of my pj bottoms (she didn't ask either). I wonder if she just wanted to see if I was diapered (did the other tech tell her)

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    I've worn diapers to an NHS walk in centre after suddenly feeling really unwell at work once. I think they might have seen the waistband when they did one of the scans (the one with the little electric contacts all over your body - think it measures your heart in someway).

    I didn't mention them and they didn't ask. Given that I was genuinely concerned about my health at the time there was no way I was going to walk home and change before going to seek advice. If they had asked I would have told them the truth - simple as that

    EDIT: This is my 777th post

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    Just be yourself and relax. It is no big deal as they see diapers every day in the hospital. You do not have to explain what type of underwear you wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    Just be yourself and relax. It is no big deal as they see diapers every day in the hospital. You do not have to explain what type of underwear you wear.
    I bet the nurse or physician would ask about it, especially if you were in the ER or in for a physical. The nurses and doctors want to know all the facts so they can make the right decisions, and being incontinent (or so they think) could be relevant.

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    I went in for a PET/CT scan Thursday and was wearing depends underwear.

    But i have neuropathy and i told them about the urgency i have a couple years ago.

    My primary care doctor thinks the urgency is caused by my prostate and i say its caused by the neuropathy and that is where it stands.

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    No, but..... About 7 years ago I suffered a severely broken ankle as a result of a snowboarding accident. After surgery, a male nurse gave me a sponge bath in bed and then powdered every inch of my body with Johnson's baby powder! I wanted to ask him for a diaper so bad but couldn't get up the nerve. Honestly, I wasn't all that comfortable with him touching me but he was so good. This experience was one of the most relaxing I ever had. When he finished, I fell right asleep just like a baby.

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