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Thread: Hi everyone! guess Im not allowed to lurk anymore :P

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    Default Hi everyone! guess Im not allowed to lurk anymore :P

    Well i am 19

    male but i am trying to appear more feminine.

    I have been into this for a while.

    I like being here to support you guys and learn why we do what we do.

    I also really want to help improve aesthetics among the community as well as promote healthy lifestyles.

    I also really enjoy strategy games such as mtg, catan, hordes, ect.

    Hope you guys had good holidays!


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    Welcome to ADISC. I also enjoy getting together with friends and playing games. I have played Catan a few times. It's a good game. I've also played Citadel, Dominion (with several different expansion packs), ascension and several other card/board games. I hope you will find that being part of ADISC is better than lurking.

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    Welcome to the disc-space.
    I see you've come with a goal, which is nice. I suggest you check out the article section and article discussion forum to see how you can assist. As for aesthetics I suggest checking out the administrative section posting some of your ideas, and designs and assigning the tag of "Feedback requested."

    As for learning why we do what we do, there are a few threads such as this one: or this one: although if you search around, I'm sure you'll be able to find more. Also be sure to check out the story section as some of our authors do an amazing job at portraying the life of an infantilist, such as angelfallenfar's Kicked Out or Dr_J's I, Infantilist.

    Once again welcome and congratulations on joining our fine community.

    PS. Thoughts on Munchkin?

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I occasionally get on my xbox and play, but for Christmas, my wife surprised me and bought me this leather box of dominoes. They are made from tile and weigh a ton. I can't wait to play with them. We play a game called Muggins where you have to match the spots, but make the ends add up to multiples of 5. You keep score and the highest score wins.

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