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Thread: Attention, furs of ADISC! I need your input!

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    Default Attention, furs of ADISC! I need your input!

    I have a question for all those knowledgeable in these matters: how common are "furry ears", which are made of plastic and something else to look like fox ears? And also, how common is it for someone outside the community to wear them? Thanks for your input.
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    I dunno the answer...statistically...but..I'd say relatively common. I've seen a girl wearing ears (she made herself, actually) which attach to her various hats here in the city. My daughter has a pair of 'kitty ears' that she got at some animé convention last year and which she wears all the time, usually with a tiara (don't ask!).

    So, yeah...I'd have to say relatively common.

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    I saw them for sale at geek con in Madison, I saw a lot of people wearing them, but I honestly don't know how many of those wearing them were furries.

    so, to answer your questions,
    1: Fairly common
    2: Hard to say, but I don't think it is very unusual.

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    They are extremely common.
    I see alot of people wear them at my attending school. Kinda cool.
    But it's weird when you're a boy, because they don't expect you to wear something like that.
    I wear them anyway, but not outside the home

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    I made some, I wear them to school. I also made a tail.

    If someone asks if I'm a furry I'll say yes, but I'm hardly a furry.

    just my 2 cents

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    Thanks for all of your responses, the reason I asked is because a girl in one of my classes wore red fox ears and sucked a Ring Pop "pacifier". I played dumb and asked what they were, and she said, "Furry ears". Her reason for wearing them? "I... I lost a bet."

    Please keep replying.

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    1.) I am sure they are very common. As there are also neko's to consider, as they might wear these as well. But yea, there most likely common.

    2.) I don't think it's very popular to wear them around though. But maybe it's just wear I live. Xp Umm... Also like hexaod said, people would find it a little weird if a boy would wear something like that. Because it's just so random and also because animal ears would be like the sort of playboy thing I guess?

    The common lost a bet thing. I used it at first too when I started wearing my collar to school. But after a few weeks I just said I wanted to. No one knew why or even what a furry was. I didn't really care though, all the stupid comments people made I just brushed off.

    On a side note, I wouldn't give a shit =P I'd wear em to school for fun cause that would kick so much ass! ^^ I mean, if I've worn a collar to school the fox ears wouldn't be as random as that to some people I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayanna View Post
    My daughter has a pair of 'kitty ears' that she got at some animé convention last year and which she wears all the time, usually with a tiara (don't ask!).
    Aww, that is so cute, ayanna!! I bet it makes you smile when you see her like that!!

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    Look for the tails they are more of the furry thing ears Hell a few of my friends wear them. XD Ears Everyone wears.

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    I have a friend, who is big on Anime things. She has ears and a tail, she wears the ears almost every day. When I asked her if she was furry, she told me, basically, she thinks they're disgusting pervs. If I'm not mistaken - those were her exact words. As far as I know, it's some anime thing.

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