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Thread: Nursery photos

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    Default Nursery photos

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I never really shared these before, at least not on this forum. A long time ago I did have these uploaded to certain sites but I took em down because people kept stealing em to claim as their own.

    So this use to be my nursery when I lived in Australia. I was eighteen at the time and lived there almost two years. My daddy (I won't say names) and I were trying to get citizenship for me but in the end that's not what made me finally leave. I left because I found a photo album full of graphic nude photos of little children. When I found this he was away at work at the time (flight attendant, so gone for weeks at a time) which gave me more than enough time to wrestle the demons that told me I needed to get out. When he came home, I confronted him and there was really nothing else he could say. The only thing left for me to do was to fly back to the states.

    No, it wasn't easy. This nursery was a fantasy come true. Technically I think it's the first Lion King themed nursery ever done so that alone always made me smile. He gave me full freedom on how i wanted to design it, decorate it, etc. The paint job alone took many sleepless nights because once I started, I didn't want to stop. Cathedral style ceilings are a bitch to paint but so worth it for the effect because there's no way not to feel little when you're in a room like this.

    I do miss it. I don't have any regrets though because I could never live with myself if I stayed with someone who stood for everything I'm so strongly against.

    Sorry to dampen the mood here. I know the first instinct is to think "nursery photos! COOL!" but this just goes to show a picture does speak a thousand words.

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    How did I know it was TLK themed before I even clicked to enlarge the photos?

    Nice job decorating; it's a bummer you had to leave, but given the circumstances I think you did the right thing. Were you able to take any of your stuff with you?

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    Wow, what a cool room. What were the dimensions of that bed? And what a bummer situation to be in.

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    I love the lion king stuff in there.

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    Some things just arent meant to be.....Im sure this was every ab's paradise but since he wanted to be a looser and pretty much abuse little did the right thing in leaving

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    Man, that's an adorable room! How wonderful <3

    But you did the right thing, and it was really brave of you. You two obviously had some chemistry, so I can't imagine how hard it must have been to find out his secret. Kudos to you! I look up to your strength.

    And who's to say you won't get back what you had later in life? c:

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    Wow Statik, this might be my favorite nursery that I have seen in the AB/DL community. Lion King is my favorite Disney movie(bought it on Blue Ray last night coincidentally) and I also enjoy a nursry that is not overly babyish in theme.I was a cool baby , so something a littl more mature like Lion King would be perfectly fitting for myself.

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    I dig the Calvin and Hobbes pic on the crib, and I love the Lion King too.

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    Its so cute I love it! funny thing is that i have that pillow case, throw pillow and the blanket you have on your changing table on my bed right now! I also have many other lion king blankets, plushies and pillows that clutter my bed right now as well xD. Best part is that over my mates house i bought the new lion king nursery set and one day i decided to put up the bumpers around his bed, months later they are still up just for me for when i come over ^_^

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    I fully intend to have a nursery similar to that as soon as money allows

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