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Thread: Do plain-color onezies make you feel better safer (hard to notice weating diapers) outside?

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    Default Do plain-color onezies make you feel better safer (hard to notice weating diapers) outside?

    I noticed that there are plain-color (same as normal tshirt) onezies for adults. Does anybody who wears diapers on a regular basis also wear those? I would imagine that you probably would feel a lot better, because of the otherwise existing bending-over fear, high waist-band issue, and other constant worrying about there being any way it shows. Might also help with leaks.

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    I'm the owner of 10 Abena Bodystocking onesies and Ive always got one on to support and hide my incontinence pads. Without them I'd be alot less relaxed about having to wear pads for my problems as I can bend over and move around as much as I want without the fear of my pad peaking out of my trousers- They also help to prevent leaks by holding the pad close upto my body. Also, if I've had a heavy accident and I'm unable to change for a while, they hold the pad together and prevent it sagging....I've noticed how it causes the onesie to feel alot tighter around my chest though.

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    I just looked it up and it seems Abena has discontinued those. Any idea where else to get them, maybe in black or some other dark color?

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    Default has onsies, but only in white, pink and blue. I wear white ones, mostly for support.
    They also have PUL pants, which are quite but incredibly comfortable.


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