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Thread: Tried diapers/incontinence product for 1st time! :D

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    Default Tried diapers/incontinence product for 1st time! :D

    As the title says, I tried my first diapers/incontinence product recently, and I was pretty pleased.

    They are Tena's, I was pleased with the absorbency - I think how much I wet was roughly one average sized adult wetting - no leakages, odor control was great, fit was good (I got mediums as they were all the store had, I plan on giving smalls a try next), dryness was great.

    All I was unhappy about was the lack of padding as I must have hastily grabbed incontinence pants as opposed to actual diapers/nappies.
    They were crinkly, a little bit itchy, minimal padding.

    For what they are though, which is incontinence pants not diapers, I do think they are pretty good aside from the crinkly/slightly itchy material. They're also pretty inexpensive, well priced and do the job they're intended to do.

    In conclusion, I'm over all pretty darn pleased with my first purchase.

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    Awesome to hear it. It's like Pringles though... once you pop you can't stop

    Incidetnally... that is the most terrifiying paci I have ever seen

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    It was awesome the first time I wore a diaper, congratulations.

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    That is really awsome, after I started wearing diapers, I never stopped they are the best.

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    I've used 3 out of my 12 pack I bought - only 3, but I'm starting to panic now in case I run out because it actually is kind of addictive LOL.

    Surprisingly, as a lot of people say they find it hard, I found peeing in a diaper fairly easy. I put one on today to tidy my room in, telling myself I'd use it after I'd finished (I like it, and my boyfriend finds it a turn on...) and nearly accidentally peed myself LOL.

    About the slight itchiness - for some bizarre reason, inside by the actual absorbent material there is some kind of papery "frilly bit" (dunno how to describe it), quite uncomfortable - I still have no idea why LOL... o_O
    As for absorbency, I find they still don't leak if I empty my bladder in them all at once.

    @ cgh: The pacifier in my avatar isn't real, it's a painting/picture/graphic (whatever...) by an artist who's name I don't remember. I love it.

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    Congratulations I remember the first time I tried hehe. And now, even though I do sometimes go for a few weeks without even thinking about them I do always seem to go back to them Hope you enjoyed your first experience!

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    Great selection of diaper. My favorite is Tena Slip Max. The challenge is getting them in the US because shipping is expensive.

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    That's a pretty good first diaper to start out with. I used some Depends for the first time, and I will NEVER go back to them again. Absolutely terrible diaper, and yet it still didn't ruin the experience.

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    My fiance asked for one of my disposibles during a heavy month and that was that. Now she asks for depends pull ups for night time pads.

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    Has anybody got any product pics of the new printed Tena Pants?

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