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Thread: Wearing collars in public

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    Default Wearing collars in public

    Today I decided to go for a walk into town, and decided to wear my collar. It was a rush I guess you could say, since the area is commonly populated by the kids from school, since the shool is parallel to the main road, so it was a bit nerve racking, but said hey not that odd to wear a collar, I'm already the laughing stock of the school, and if someone asks, "T just like wearing collars". I got a lot of stares from people, but that's about it. Went to the bank, went to dunking donuts and got my iced late, and went to my grandfathers house to get a lift back home. Overall I guess it went well.

    Just wondering, what are your views on wearing collars publicly, and have you ever had any encounters?

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    I really don't see the point. I mean, sure it's a rush and everything, but is there really a use to it? /tiredrant

    I don't personally have a collar, so I can't relate as closely. When I envision this, I believe that people are just going to be like "...WTF?" and then get on with their day.The few that will even remember it in five minutes will just think it's some kind of bondage thing...

    You know? I just lost my train of thought...if there even was one...

    Note to self: No posting before breakfast...

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    I've worn a dog collar downtown Toronto and at university (even wore it in class and during two exams - there are Facebook pics to prove it O.o).

    Anyway, I had a few "is that a dog collar?" and someone that turned out to be furry aware adjusted the collar for me (it was not tight enough). But the general reaction was live and ket live or "oh, that's neat".

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    In the past (and starting again as of yesterday) I've worn a collar pretty much all the time when not sleeping. I tend to find that most people don't find it very strange at all. At most you get a second look, but nobody has ever actually said anything to me.

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    There's a girl at my school that wears a collar all the time, nobody really gives her crap about it (except the people that give everybody crap about everything.) Sadly, I did some Facebook investigation and came to the conclusion that she's not a furry. :/ Would've been cool to know another fur IRL, oh well.

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    There's a guy in my school that wears a collar all the time.people give him s**t about it which really pisses me off.

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    I think collars are totally rad. it's a great way for people to kind of show off their personality just a bit more. for someone like me (i like wearing dark colored clothes that fit, and that's about it), it would give me a little something to show off. (i don't have one yet, sadly)

    when it starts getting weird is when it's like, a bondage-type black leather collar. that's kind of inconsiderate for other people, as it's a little like pushing your personal fetish upon the crowd you happen to be in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakRoo View Post
    when it starts getting weird is when it's like, a bondage-type black leather collar. that's kind of inconsiderate for other people, as it's a little like pushing your personal fetish upon the crowd you happen to be in.
    I would think something like a regular plain leather collar, would be fine, not like one with all rings and stuff like that, but a clean looking leather collar (Similar to the type they normally put spikes in) or a nylon collar,

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    I've worn a collar in public since '05, most people think it is just some kind of kink and leave it at that.

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    I'm well known for wearing collars to work, i've done that in my last 4 jobs

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