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Thread: Michael Jackson is 50---the face, a bit newer

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    Default Michael Jackson is 50---the face, a bit newer

    Well, as it says, there can be posts about sex, drugs, politics, and rock and roll, so I chose to do the latter....

    So what are everyone's feelings about him? Is he still somewhat talented? Did the younger members even know he was a singer?

    Personally, I think he surrounds himself with too much outside drama to succeed as an artist anymore (perhaps that's why i'm hearing why his newest album is his favorite Scottish poetry set to music, MJ style...). On the other hand, for a "celebrity", at least Michael shuts up and keeps quiet about political causes and whatnot, unlike so many people in Hollywood.

    This outside drama has certainly affected what his music is like (compare "Invincible"' to "Thriller", "Bad", or even "Dangerous", and you see what I's gone from the stuff of legend to merely something adequate...something an American Idol winner would cover). Maybe if Michael could get the big picture and find out that it's about the music, not how he looks on stage (or acts off of it). It's not all about him or his nose, or his John Kerry chin.

    Just as long as he NEVER EVER EVER does a video or song like "You Are Not Alone" again! Way too creepy! (the "HIStory" album, where he basically does a song in the late Barry White's genre...and this was in 1993)

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    I've never been a close follower of the goings on with Michael Jackson, so can't make any meaningful comments about how talented he was compared with now. I know many performing artists do have downs throughout their recording career, sometimes by losing sight of their audience's expectations. Perhaps MJ is experiencing one of his 'down' periods and will come to realize, through self examination, what he needs to concentrate on to be a top performer again, if he's kind of lackluster now.

    About his appearance, comparing photos of him in his younger years with now, I honestly think he looked much better before all the cosmetic surgery was performed. Just my humble opinion.


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    Most people no longer support MJ because he is a pedophile. He had a reasonably proven case against a 12 year old boy a while ago, that got settled out of court for around 50 million. And of course there were all of his tours in Taiwan, and other places which support young child prostitution. As for his music, he lost control of it when he came out with his apology album. I understand he had something like 10,000 unused tracks laid down by big musicians. He lost control of his life a long time ago. It's sad, actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveC1981 View Post
    So what are everyone's feelings about him? Is he still somewhat talented? Did the younger members even know he was a singer?
    he's Jacko and he's definately wacko......but he is, or was (when he was younger), a damn good singer. 'Happy' is my favourite song from him......with all the ironical senses that contains.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Most people no longer support MJ because he is a pedophile.
    that depends on who you consider to be 'most people'. most people don't really care about what did or didn't happen. Jacko's a freak, the kid(s) got rich and that's how most people see it, in my experience.
    a twist is that a lot of young teens and adults got into Jacko's music because of the whole affair(s) and the 'reputation' of him was their way of rebelling against adulthood and society, especially as contemporary youth are relatively more staid and muted in their angsts than previous generations.

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    He's 50 now and probly weirder than ever, I would never let a kid near him, I don't have any kids but if I did I would keep him far away from him.

    But some people will do anything for money, includeing prostitute there kids, which I'm sure happend with jackson, I think, he got out of that trouble because he paid everybody off.

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    I listen to MJ once in a while, I even have one of his tape with Bad and Smooth Criminal on it somewhere...As a person, he freaking weird, but he has a shit load of talent going back to his days with the Jackson 5 to his single career...The two thing I well remember about him is that he married Elvis Presley Daughter and he has a couple video games based on him (Sega Moonwalker).....anyway here a fun fact about him...YouTube - Michael Jackson's Sonic 3

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    Dude. His music is amazing!

    *has all of his albums even parts of the Invincible album*

    Some of his personal choices weren't that very wise though. But I don't really deal with that sort of stuff. I listen and dance to the music. That's all I really care about.

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    I do like alot of his music, he is just a little weird, and the pedo, refrences don't help his life much.

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    Michael Jackson. Great performer. Great vocalist. Extremely disturbed and creepy.

    And that's all I can really say about that man/thing.

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