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Thread: Best Stuffers?

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    Default Best Stuffers?

    Can someone tell me what the best booster pads such as the one's sold by bambino, ABuniverse, or the one's sold at drug stores? Thanks a bunch

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    Best booster pad on the market for the money is Pampers, just cut the wings off the Pampers and use it as a stuffer/soaker.

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    Default Adult Diaper Boosters

    I have purchased and used many of the commercially made adult diaper booster pad products available and have been satisfied by the increased absorbency/capacity and bulk that they offer. By far the most absorbent that I have used has been Tranquility® TopLiner™ Booster Contours at 28 ounces. In the spoiler you will find a listing most of the booster products that are commercially available and their capacities.

    The difficulty I find with the commercially made products is the problem with all of the disposable paper diaper/incontinence products; the relatively high cost. To pay $2.37 (based on Bambino prices) and up for a diaper change is ludicrous.

    I buy most of my adult diapers and supplies through craigslist (often for free) or at thrift stores. I spend from $.04 - $.16 per product this way. Because I make/modify my own boosters, I can use any kind of incontinence pad, pull-up underwear or brief product of any size or configuration; I can buy any at the best price and still not break the bank. Below, I will describe my technique for modifying adult diapers to use as boosters. By the way, belted undergarments or pull-up type underwear only need have the v cut slots to use as a booster under any adult diaper/brief. I have found that belted garments and underwear type garments used as modified diapers also contain fecal voiding better than a typical booster. I generally wear 2 boosters and 1 brief with up to a 88 ounce capacity for $.32- $.50 per diaper change. Just try to do that with a Bambino diaper and their proprietary booster/liners!

    My technique for modifying adult diapers to use as boosters:

    First, I cut with scissors around the diaper pad leaving at least a ½” border (this prevents the filling/contents from falling out). In most cases this will leave you with an hourglass shaped pad. Next, I use the scissors to cut small v shaped cuts about every ½” over the entire surface of the outer waterproof covering, plastic or cloth-like. This will allow for the urine/moisture to pass through to the next booster and/or the adult diaper. Lastly, I cut out all/most elastic gathers at the leg openings and the internal elastic gathers. The v shaped cuts will work on any type of incontinence product: pads/belted garments/underwear type diaper. (Note: it is not necessary to remove the belts, elastic gathers or sides of these types of products; you simply add the slits/cuts and use the product as directed then put on an adult diaper over it).

    Listing most of the booster products that are commercially available and their capacities:

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    Abena and Molicare make pads that work as stuffers, provided you slit the plastic backing. I've used these pads both as intended and as stuffers. Abena also makes three different dedicated diaper stuffers. I've used those, too, and have been happy with them.

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    I have recently started to use Tena Serenity Overnight Pads and i have been impressed with their capacity and feel. Bought a 30 pack for about $15 which i think is pretty good. I have used the booster pads by bambino and abuniverse and i think these are alot better. Both bambino and ab universe boosters are stiff and make me fleel like i have a plank in my diaper which is why i didnt like them. These though are rounded and very soft, the moment you put them on they hug you and have and excellent fit.

    On a side note, this also satisfies my sissy fantasy as well since i can use them in panties when i cant wear a full diaper out in public

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    I follow almost the exact same process as Diapered Rabbit and I also utilize craigslist/thrift stores.

    Most recently I've used TENA Overnight pads, baby diapers that have been trimmed down to just the pad, and at the moment I'm using Attends Shaped Pads which I bought for $2 a package and are essentially an adult diaper without tapes. I don't do a V shaped cut but instead make lots of slits with scissors.

    I've found that adding some extra padding to even the more mediocre adult diaper products can turn them into something much better.

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