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Thread: Hello from Southern New England

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    Default Hello from Southern New England

    Hello ADISC community. I wear due to occasional onset of frequent urination disorder that gets annoying and I occasionally just enjoy wearing for the heck of it. Iím DL (really a Like and not Love) and not a AB.

    Overnight itís either a Dry 24/7 or Abena M4 and I have worn M3s out. Iíve tried Bambino too and they are fine but the Abenaís just seem to fit the best for me. Iíll never bother again with the brands available in the stores.

    Thanks for all the great info.

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    Greetings from someone from Northern New England

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    And to finish it off, greetings from central New England =) Welcome to Adisc, enjoy your stay

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    Welcome to the site dprcurious. I'm sorry that you are having trouble with incontinence, but you will find many other members here who have the same problem. Alas, I'm here because I simply enjoy wearing diapers. Normally we tell a little more about ourselves on the introduction thread, such as hobbies, and likes in other areas like sports, music, games, etc.

    I'm a musician, an educator, and a writer. I enjoy many kinds of music, and for recreation, I get out on the bike trail with my Trek.

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