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Thread: ABDL Sub-fetish dare thingy?

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    Default ABDL Sub-fetish dare thingy?

    I've wanted to ask people about this for some time now.
    -does anyone find this arousing: wearing briefs or boxerbriefs (boxerbriefs or tights work best) and pouring a bunch (the more the better) of marbles in the front/back. Reminds me a bit of messing, but it feels different of course.

    I know glass marbles are a bit dangerous because of... well, it's glass, but sometimes I just can't help myself, and untill I'll be able to get my hands on some metal- non-rusting marbles (maybe some stainless steal ball bearings) than I'll use glass marbles.

    -Also, out of curiosity, anyone else like inflatables? I think they're a lot of fun, and come to think of it, they're also a pratcical furniture solution for pants wetters!

    -One last thing, anyone like wedgies? Just giving someone you love a friendly gentle wedgie

    Anyone esle on this boat*?

    (*inflatable boat nahaha altough an inflatable dolphin is more fun just my opinion)
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    Can't speak to the latter two, but regarding the marbles:

    So yes. Or almost.

    I haven't tried it myself, but it does sound interesting.

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    haha they DID mention ball bearings! nice one. since orbeez aren't sold in Israel and well, ball bearings are much more fun, I'll stick with them

    so great to know so many people might find this fun!

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    Fascinating. Going on my list of things to try when I get around to it. Thanks !

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    O.o Uhh... adds marbles to list of the oddest things suggested to be added into a diaper. Nope never tried it.

    I just had a thought. everyone was so freaked about their anuses geting ball-bearinged (Never in my life did I think I would say that) But guys do have another that might got pinched or smashed. bottom line boys don't do it.
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    I'm gonna have to write down this list of things to do somewhere...

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    Sounds like some things could get in some uncomfortable spaces.

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    As for girls who try this, I really don't know what to say, that may be a problem, maybe some girl here has a creative insigt\ solution for this.
    But boys- the worst that could happen if your pouring ball bearings to your undies is one gets a bit into Uranus, and it will come out next time you have a BM I suppose ^^ and the times this happened to me, I could get the marble out, it never did go that far in.

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    BTW I'd love to see those lists

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