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    I may go to walgreens within a week or two, and i was wondering what kind of diaper i should pick up. I know they have depends max, but wasnt sure what else is worth getting there.

    Appreciate the help.

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    You should buy their Certainty brand briefs,I have tried them and surprisingly they were very satisfactory for a store brand.

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    as an employee at Walgreens I gotta say Depends are usually the best we have. occasionally we'll have Tena diapers.... but it's rare we usually just have the pads. uhm I find the walgreens depends knock-off to be just as good as depends for a few dollars less. So yeah thats prolly your best bet Depends or the off-brand cause I highly doubt they have the good Tenas.

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    The only real difference between Depends and Walgreens/CVS brand, is that Depends are plastic backed, and CVS are cloth...That and the price, but that's an obvious one

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    Cool, Ive seen those before and i could not remember if they where any good. I really appreciate the help.

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    the gerneric ones ? haha wichever they are

    last time i made a trip to the states ived tried some they where really good ,

    and nice big tabs too

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    DO NOT GET THE WALGREENS GENERIC. The tapes rip incredibly easily, they hold less than depends, and don't feel quite as nice as the depends.

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    get depends unless your short on cash, then the store brand.

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    Personaly I like CVS/Walgreens brands better for the day, Depends are ok, but I like the cloth cover for daytime ues.

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    i have very limited experience with generic brands, and my limited experiences are not good ones! If you can still fit in size 6/7 or goodnites/UJ's, I'd recommend going with those over any kind of adult diaper from walgreens, to be honest.

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