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Thread: Do summers constitute a problem?

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    Default Do summers constitute a problem?

    I know we are still far away from summer (in California it doesn't seem that far, though), so forgive me for my question. Does wearing a diaper on a regular basis get complicated in summer (easier to detect, problems with high waist-band, etc.) ? Who got experience with that?

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    Ehh, maybe. I'm more prone to rash in the summer. At work, I have to wear a bit more clothes than I would prefer to. Otherwise, no.

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    Diapers tend to get a tad sweaty in the summer time, but use extra powder and lotion. Change often too. Hiding gets a bit more complicated, but most of the paranoia is mental. A lot of people will disagree with me for saying this, but Cloth-backed diapers (in my opinion) are good for warm weather only because they are less noisy and are more easily covered up by less clothing. For the record, I prefer plastic-backed diapers though.

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    I thought summer was relative easy for wearing because I often wore sundresses that easily hid the bulk of the diaper. It works fine as long as there are no strong gusts of wind around I guess.

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    Wearing loose fitting clothes in the summer easly conceals any diaper you may be wearing as long as your diaper is not a bright color any you are wearing thin white pants/shorts unless you are trying to bring attention to yourself.

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    I wear more during the winter because i can wear clothing that hides my diaper more. a large hoodie that covers my waist makes me feel much safer. I feel quite vulnerable when wearing a diaper and shorts.

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    I live in California too and it does get a bit hot wearing diapers during summer but that doesn't stop me from wearing them. During The summer ill normally wear a pair of hollister cargo shorts under my diapers and that seems to hide the diaper pretty well. I've also worn under fitted jeans and they still don't show so much. But during the winter ill wear this overcoat I have that goes down to my knees and I like to wear the bulkiest diapers with that overcoat.

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    I wouldn't be so much concerned about discreetness, but diapers do get awfully hot, you may want to go for like thinner diapers just on account of the heat. I know I tend to get sweaty down there in a diaper on a hot day!!!

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    For me I think that during the summer diapers are much harder to conceal. There is something about wearing long jackets in the winter covering my behind that makes me feel a little more secure. During the summer clothes are lighter, tighter, and more revealing. During the summer is the only time that I know for sure that I got caught wearing anyway, and it was because of a high waistband above my pants. I don't know, I just feel more comfortable wearing during the winter.

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