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Thread: Some diapers going high up your waist. Does it make sense?

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    Default Some diapers going high up your waist. Does it make sense?

    I noticed that some diapers really go up your waist, far above (2-3 in) your hip. Does that really make sense? I mean that must really suck in summers when you are mostly wearing just a t-shirt.

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    Those who sleep on their belly would appreciate it.

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    I found this out the hard way last night, but yeah it does make a difference...

    At least for guys I guess, let's just say if you happen to sleep on your stomach often (as I do), high rise waistband are most defiantly a GOOD thing.

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    I hate them - you can always identify a child who is diapered by the tell tale plastic waist band at the top of their pants - I have to be careful about dressing and avoid bending down in company as I don't want people to spot that i am a diaper wearer.

    I take the point about night time use but I have seen a lot of high backed diapers where it is the plastic rather than the padding which extends upwards, and other high backed variants that are really lightweight and not suitable for night use. The high back is useful for fecal incontinence, but happily only a minority of wearers suffer form this - for the rest of you the height is wasted.

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    As an AB I like my diapers to go high on my waist, and I think probably for women it makes a lot of sense - our waists are sort of higher somehow. I prefer to wear cloth rather than disposables, but like them both high. That, to me is a shortfall with a lot of cloth diapers and plastic pants- for AB reality they should be much higher. And no, most of the time I am not overly bothered by showing a little nappy But then, I am sort of coming out anyway... maybe?....

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    I personally like the high waisted diapers just because they make me feel more infantile.

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    I have never got to try adult diapers, so I really can't say what they are good for, but I trust you guys who have written before me that you know what you are talking about

    Anyhow, I do actually like to see people wearing diapers that goes way up your waist, I think it is cute when the waistband of a diaper is easy to see on people :P

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    Default high waist

    Yes it makes sense. I like it a lot. It doesn't suck in the summer or any other time. What sucks is a diaper that fits me like a bikini brief. How much sense would that make? :P

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    I love the way Adult Diapers ride up. I think it's necessary, comfortable, and prosthetically pleasing. For people who wear diapers in horizontal positions, the high rise diapers help prevent leaks. I understand the worries about being spotted over pants, but either wear a plain white Onesie, wear a pair of boxer shorts and tuck the elastic part into the top of the diaper, or just tuck the high rising parts of the diaper down.

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    A higher rise means more padding, which means fewer diaper changes. Too, the top tape has a better grip above the hips, which can keep the wet diaper from sagging. In diapers, more diaper is a plus, I think. Always, for me, at least, it's something positive. I can always hide 'em with my clothing, and really don't care much if someone can see I'm wearing diapers, anyhow.

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