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Thread: Plastic pants with normal / plastic diapers. Does it really make a difference?

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    Default Plastic pants with normal / plastic diapers. Does it really make a difference?

    Who uses plastic pants with plastic diapers like bambinos? Does it really make a difference and you think it only matters at night (because of the lying down problem). I don't understand, though, how it does make a difference, since if it leaks out before and ends of in the plastic pants, it still needs to go somewhere from there, probably still ending up in bed if you are lying down.

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    In my opinion (with which some people will likely disagree), plastic pants over a disposable diaper are superfluous. Some people like plastic pants for their aesthetic or fetish value, but I don't think they really serve any useful purpose, even at night. If your diaper leaks enough to matter, you need something else to absorb the moisture; and a pair of plastic pants won't do that.

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    I agree with Inconinmiss. Disposable diapers have a waterproof backsheet to eliminate the need for plastic pants, and I imagine plastic pants only work when they're up against the absorbent material (cloth). The backsheet of a disposable diaper isn't going to absorb back anything the plastic pant catches, so it's gonna leak out anyway.

    Babies don't wear them over their Pampers, why should you?

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    I think plastic pants are not needed - but they have some advantages over ordinary underwear (which if tight holds a diaper in place well - something plastic pants don't always do) when it comes to combating leaks as cotton underwear only soaks up a very small amount and wicks dampness to the bedding. The kind of plastic pants with an absorbent cloth lining are probably the best option if you really want a second line of defense - but they can be uncomfortable over a regular diaper. In my experience this kind of secondary protection is really only effective against small leaks - If a significant amount escapes the main diaper it will almost always end up where you don't want it. I find a under-pad (disposable or washable) more comfortable and less hassle than plastic pants and because it's purpose is to absorb rather than contain it is very effective in protecting the bed linen.

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    Well, I've just always seen plastic pants as a fetish thing when you see them over plastic diapers, I assume that the ones wearing them feels more babyish that way, which in my honest opinion is odd because I have never seen a baby with plastic pants over plastic diaper :p But also I think it could be because it is easyer to have different variety of looks when it comes to plastic pants, you can have them with frills if you want, and you can have what ever colour you want, as with diapers you have mainly white ones, and if you are lucky, some prints on them aswell.

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    a. They do help when your day time diaper has leaked a bit. This has happened to me quiet often when I will go to change my diaper and find the inside of the plastic pants fairly damp, meaning they saved my pants from that extra liquid.

    b. They help conceal odor as a second line of defense. I have opened the plastic pants to change and been greeted with a whif of pretty nasty odors that the plastic pants concealed until I could change. So, during the day plastic pants are handy

    On the flipside. I do believe they are useless in bed. If I leak in bed, they will not stop the leak. I have a bed pad for that... though I hate that it moves when I sleep....

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    I am a huge advocate of plastic pants over disposable diapers. Plastic pants not only help against leaks, but they have great odor control, and cut the sound of crinkles down drastically. They also help hold the diaper up, so sagging and bunching isn't a problem. I know people say that if your diaper leaks, plastic pants only delay the inevitable leak, but i haven't found that. But for that problem, they make cloth lined plastic pants that will solve that problem. Never leave home without 'em!

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    Plastic Pants are a great aid with disposable diapers when you experience fecal incontinence. I've been saved many times when traveling in the car, at work, in stores, even in bed at night when my diaper over flowed. I feel pretty vulnerable to diaper blow outs if I'm not wearing plastic pants.

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    Plastic pants have save the day when out, and my disposable diaper has leaked.

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    Pure plastic pants may not be totally useful against leaks, as if your disposable is leaking anyway, it's likely to draw the moisture along your legs by capillary action. However, terry-lined plastic pants will provide some extra protection, as it's like wearing an extra diaper!

    That being said, I prefer the babyish look of plastic pants to the often quite clinical feel of most adult disposable diapers, so for cosmetic reasons, I'd probably be wearing them anyway.

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