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    Anyone have a good strength training workout regimen that's solely based on body weight? I want to be stronger and more fit all around, but I don't have weights or access to them anywhere nearby. Nor the money to buy them. I run, and I've done weight training for about 5 weeks now, but I don't want to just gain mass. I want to be in incredible shape in general.

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    Here is the sticky on 4chna's Health and Fitness board. Don't discount it because 99% of the board's users are stupid!

    As for the calisthenics I will PM you (and anyone else interested) a link to a PDF of "Convict Conditioning", pretty much some guy's story about how he buffed up in jail and started teaching inmates how to be strong using just the stuff in their cells. I don't know how true it all is but it's got a lot of good advice and strategies for a beginner.

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    I have 2 words for you: Muscle Confusion. I could give you a set regimen, but personally I don't follow one. I SHOULD have a set plan, but I base my work-out goal on muscle confusion. The idea is that if you are constantly changing the activity you are doing, your muscles cannot become used to it with muscle memory, which maximizes he potential of the muscles. If you set up a strict regimen, that's good for forcing yourself ot get out there and do it, but your body will eventually become used to the routine and force you to constantly push yourself more and more with the same workout you've been doing over and over. How Boring! Work smarter, not harder.

    Personally, Mixed Martial Art circuit training does wonders for me. Set up stations that you can do and get a timer. 3 minutes on each station (and if u have the option) 30 second intervals of doing something else. For example: if I'm starting on the heavy bag, I work punch combos for 30 seconds, mountain climbers for another 30 seconds, kick combos for 30 seconds, etc. I never force myself into one plan though, I'm always keeping my mind as quick as my body by changing things up on the fly and reacting to it.

    Rest between circuits should be no more than a minute to prevent your muscles from tightening up/cramping. Once you get in REALLY good shape, knock that down by a few seconds each time until your rest between circuits is only 30 seconds. By constantly moving and constantly switching up your gameplan on the fly, I guarantee you will see some fantastic results.

    As for the types of exercises, that is totally dependent on what you're trying to work out, and you can find thousands of different workout variations online (especially youtube). If you want a good all around workout though, just do what feels the most tiring. It's as simple as that.

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    As far as general aerobic conditioning, my personal favorite has always been swimming laps.

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    Also, swimming is probably one of the best ways to get in shape fast. Running as well, but it's much harder on the joints.

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