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Thread: newbie to diapers and this site

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    Default newbie to diapers and this site

    hi all! I decided I might like diapers but I've never actually tried any yet. I was googling stuff about them (lol) when I found this site most peeps here obviously know a lot more about diapers than I do, I've been reading threads and a lot of the time idk what everyone's talking about, haha. also got me thinking about stuff I never thought of before, like how to muffle the sound if they're too loud when you put them on. I figure I'll learn eventually, but does anyone have suggestions for what I should start out with?

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    Welcome... you will get to know the AB/DL side very quick on here.. Enjoy your time here!

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    Welcome to ADISC. It can be hard to recommend something right now when we dont know you match yet. Do you have any more question about diaper or something else?

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    Hello, and welcome to the site! Glad you're here and ready to try diapers. You'll probably get many different answers on what to try first, and the answer lies mostly with your own preference. I'd suggest you buy your first diapers in a drug store or Wal-Mart. You can order higher-quality diapers online once you have some practice and figure out what you like best.

    The easiest diapers to put on are the pull-up kind, also known as "protective underwear" or just "underwear" in the adult incontinence aisle. Check the package to see what size would fit you best. However, while the protective underwear is easy to put on, it's not very absorbent and tends to leak fast.

    More complicated to put on, but more absorbent, are the "fitted briefs" or "maximum protection." These are true tape-on diapers, and they'll take some practice to get on right. They are far more absorbent, though, and more baby-like.

    You'll have your choice of store brand or Depends (or sometimes Tena). There's not that much difference in absorbency between brands. However most store-brand fitted briefs have a cloth-like backing while the Depends maximum protection (fitted briefs) have a true plastic backing.

    The biggest thing to remember is people buy these products all the time, so don't worry or freak out. Just pay for your purchase and go on with life. Let me know if you have any other questions. Welcome!

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    thanks I went out to target today and got some Depends (I know what they are now yay!) and can't wait to try them

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