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    So I just got a 3DS and Mario Kart 7. It is a lot of fun, very similar to Mario Kart DS, but even better.

    The 3D on it is integrated well, and is not too distracting, but can be a problem if you aren't looking it at it with the perfect angle.The coolest feature they added was a first person view, and you can drive by tilting(like MKWii).

    I also made an online community for the crinkly Mario Karters out there, you can join it by looking up the group code 64626373928003. Hope to see you all on the track!

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    I tried a 3ds but they just hurt my eyes xD

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    I've been considering getting a 3ds for this game and Zelda: OOT because its still one of my favourite games of all time, but the battery life just wouldn't work for me. Hopefully Nintendo is planning on releasing an improved version of the 3ds like how they did with the DS Lite.

    I can't remember how many hours/days/weeks I've spent playing Mario Kart on my DS. It's the only DS game that I played online and it was usually a lot of fun.

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    I played MKDS a bunch, had everything 3starred, and had a pretty good record online, and then my right shoulder button broke. I couldn't drift anymore, so the game was over.

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