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Thread: Any idea how long the Bambino Bellissimo Samples will stay around?

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    Default Any idea how long the Bambino Bellissimo Samples will stay around?

    I was going to place an order, but alas, cruel fate. My father works for the government, and has the exact same days off that I do for winter break.

    I'm looking at other dates I could plan for an order, but I don't know what sort of window is available.

    Also, any estimate of time they take to ship to the east coast, after they get shipped OUT FROM bambino?

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    I'm not sure how long they'll stick around but I have ordered from them and I live in Virginia as well.

    Although, I did upgrade to Priority Mail, so that probably won't help too much. My thoughts are that with normal ground shipping you'd get them in 4 or 5 business days.

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    Well, I also am in Virginia for the holidays, and I ordered a sample of teddy's and bellissimo's and they arrived 4 days later... I have no idea how long it will be until they're out of stock for the samples though.

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