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Thread: Most fun in diapers

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    Default Most fun in diapers

    The most fun thing I have done in diapers is watch a Harry Potter marathon. 18 hours in a diaper. Sadly it overflowed the first time i peed in it.

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    The most fun I've had in a diaper was jumping out of an airplane at 13,000 feet in one, it was the most exilarating feeling.

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    OMG!! Lol. It sounds fun!! The most fun I've had in diapers is prolly sitting around watching my fave show and sucking my paci

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    I like to go for a run at night wearing a noisy plastic-backed diaper. It feels great taking long strides wearing a bulky wet diaper. I also get a buzz running past people out walking their dogs and wonder if they can tell! I don't normally wear outside the house so that makes it extra fun for me!

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    Had the house to myself for a week last summer. Diapered the whole time. Had a hundred dollars cash to my name thanks to the rents while they were gone. Eggs, toast, and homefries for breakfast, ramen for lunch, and Domino's pizza for dinner. Every day. Not one pair of underwear made contact with my body that week. Thank jeebus my dad was just bluffing about putting cameras in the house while they were gone. Not even trying to get caught with only one year left till I'm out on my own. Yeah no. xD

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    I did something similar to this once in Ohio before moving to Wisconsin.

    Most fun I've ever had was driving my car around the city one time at like 1 or 2 in the morning. I was wearing ONLY a diaper, not even a pair of socks! I pulled the car into the attached garage then went and diapered up. Came back to the garage, got in the car, hit the remote door opener and backed the car out and went for a half hour drive around the city. It was a rush to pass other cars and people when I was wearing ONLY a diaper as I was driving around. Then, I was near down town when I was turning a corner. There was a street light on that corner and a cop car sitting at the stoplight. As I turned the corner I saw the cop turn his head and look at me. I thought for sure he saw that I had no shirt on (which is not a crime, but might have provoked the cop's curiosity). I quite driving around and went back home after that encounter, but it was a blast!!

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    I think my most fun time in diapers was the first time I got to wear with someone else. Its fun to wear by yourself, but when you have a good friend to share these desires with its just that much better.

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    Skiing all day with the same diaper without a change is double your fun and double your pleasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    Skiing all day with the same diaper without a change is double your fun and double your pleasure.
    That is awesome - I so want to do that! I would worry about wiping out badly and then having to explain to hospital staff why I was wearing a diaper. Guess I could just say I wanted to ski all day without breaks which is actually not far from the truth anyway! You guys got some good conditions out there?

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