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Thread: Is it really that problematic (leaking) to wet while lying down? Solutions?

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    Default Is it really that problematic (leaking) to wet while lying down? Solutions?

    After reading several posts, it seems that wetting while lying down can be quite problematic. Does anybody know where those leaking accidents come from? Is the diaper not absorbent enough, does gravity just make things too complicated or what is the issue? Any way to truly avoid trouble in this field? It also seems that for some (I guess those who went 24/7) wetting during the night seems to be no problem, whereas for others its nearly impossible. Any idea where those differences come from?

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    Normally it depends how your laying down. so say if your laying on your back, the pee will most likely be absorbed or go down and be absorbed. Where as people who lie on there sides, the pee most of the time will leak out the sides of the diaper unless there's some sort of leak guard or something. Thats my very bad and simple logic about why its so hard for some wetting whilst laying.

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    In my experience flooding seems a big cause of leaking, this has happened to me when I have tried to combat natures call and failed. I get the feeling no diaper/nappy is designed to combat an immediate heavy flow and certainly I have many completely full in the morning with no or just tiny leak's in the morning even with the moderate capacity cloth backed ones I am using now.

    Most frustrating leaks IMO are the ones that come through tiny holes in the plastic from what I gather are wet lock crystals too close to the surface that work through the backing like grains of sand... lazy manufacturers.

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    My experience is a bit different. I find my high capacity diapers can cope with a big flood- but not if i am lying on my side - it is the leg guards that usually allow seepage - but not always - I sometimes wake up with my back very wet where pee has oozed out past the waist. I combat this with cotton boxer briefs that completely cover the diaper and absorb any small leaks - but under me there is a bed pad that can cope with the (fortunately rare) bigger escapes. Most mornings I wake up with the sheets dry - or almost dry and not needing any attention. The bed pad is wet about one night in five and if not wetted lasts for ages and is quite comfortable. It is many months since we have had to change the sheets because of my protection failing - but it was not always so as it takes time to get your protection right - the great thing is to not give up until you are really confident by day and night - if it works for you run with it.

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    If I wet in bed it's fine as long as I'm not on my side and my um... thingy hasn't shifted position. Basically, as long as the liquid doesn't hit the side panels I won't leak. Otherwise flooding isn't a problem, even lying down.

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    I've been 24/7 for over 5 years and after a lot of trial and error I found using a dry 24/7 with a cloth prefold baby diaper inside and rubberpants works great for me. The prefold allows the pee to fill the entire diaper not just the front. Hope this helps.

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    Diapers with high rise waists usually seen to solve this problem, or if it's around the legs you could use plastic pants

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    I too have problems wetting when lying on my side, which is usually how I sleep. On my back it all flows into the padding, so that is no problem. The other night I was lying on my side and wet, and immediately felt it soaking through. Of course the kind of diaper you wear has a lot to do with it. The other night I was wearing Assurance diapers, which are cloth-like on the outside. The leakage comes from the wings, which have no padding. When I wear Abena L4 this is not as much of a problem because the wings have a little more absorbent material, and the diapers are plastic backed. Since Abenas are expensive, and since I like to wear diapers at night, I'm going to try some plastic pants over the Assurance diapers to see if that helps.

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    For men disposable diapers suck with regards to leak prevention when lying down if you don't actively limit the flow of urine instead of simply going with the rate a person would go normally when using the washroom. This is every brand out there, and it is largely due to a lack of thoguht with regards to construction.

    What diaper manufacturers need to look at is modifying the shape, size, and variable thickness of the "hourglass" of padding. I am looking at a Dry 24-7 right now and the front of the hourglass at it's widest point is 12 inches, this is honestly not nearly wide enough. A diapers padding/absobant material in the front for a male should extend at least to the midway point of the hips. The Dry 24-7 I am looking at should have at least an 8 inch wider wing in the front so that the absorbant materials extend more around my hips. The front of the hourglass would therefore be 20 inches. This would help greatly in side sleeping leaks and aid greatly in overall practical diaper absorbency for men where almost all of the use of a diaper is in the front.

    The diapers we currently have also lack in flood controling features in most areas. The leak guards on diapers tend to be tall and wrap around the inner thigh but as they extend up towards the front of the diaper they simply reduce in size and then vanish. Given male anatomy this is not the most hugely practical system out there. What should be done is that the leak guards should be in their normal postion in the center/thin area of the hourglass, and they should curve around the hourglass and diminish and stop at near the base of the widest point of the base of the hourglass. In effect instead of 2 straight bands you get them both curving outward towards the wings of the diaper. This would help hugely in side sleeping leakage. The front of the diaper should also have a leak barrier which runs along the top of the diaper which would start at the wider part of the top of the hourglass and extend across the top to the other side, it would coincide with a elastic waisteband that is longer then the current Dry-24-7.

    What they could also benefit from doing for male anatomy and REALLY reducing leaks is creating a "cup" type of effect in the area of the male anatomy by putting thicker SAP and absorbant material the area where the male anatomy is positioned in a "cup" like form much like if you stuff a diaper with an Abri-San so that the shape of the pad and the plastic backing stops alot of the liqued movement to the sides and up and instead channels it back down into the core.

    The recent kick on high end diapers that cost alot more money seems to be a no brainer, both Bambino and ABU sold of out of their Belissimo and Fabine Exclusive diapers very quickly and they were charging a pretty premium amount of money. The problem is those diapers did little but try to go thicker and get more absorbancy. For a truly functional diaper we don't really need thicker in general, we need better leak gaurds, wider wings at the front, and a cupping type of form that slows liqued movement to the sides and stops it from going up and out the front.

    In effect I create this exact thing using a combination of a Dry 24-7, 2 Quadro boosters, and a Abri-San pad, it becomes pretty much an unleakable diaper, and it costs alot of money. I would gladly pay for a diaper that did everything that my own creations manage and so would a slew of other people. Not only the AB/DL people, but the health care people would marvel at a disposable that did what I suggest above because they would simply be almost leak proof no matter how you sleep or how fast you go.

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