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Thread: Im so happy!!!

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    Default Im so happy!!!

    yesterday night I went to Walgresns and got 2 new pacis and a I went to CVS and got Pull-ups cool alert for boys...I'm so happy...just thought I share that with u

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    Well done, im sure you will have alot of fun with them :p

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    Hey man thats kool. Im out of everything right now cuz i gots no money. O well. Guess ill wait till i get payed.

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    Thats cool. Have you tried the cool-alert pull-ups yet? What are they like? I was thinking about trying them a while ago, but i knew there was no way that they would fit me, and I didn't want to spend all that money on something that wouldn't fit. The downside of pull-ups is that they aren't very absorbant. My friend's little nepew was wearing them, and he leaked everywhere. Enjoy your new toys!

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    Glad to hear you have been successful! Enjoy your new purchases.

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