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Thread: Anyone like Lazy Town?

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    Default Anyone like Lazy Town?

    I'm not big into kid shows but I bought a Lazy Town DVD before I was even aware that I was ABDL. Was just a random Question I had and was wondering if anyone liked this show.

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    I should clarify: Lazy Town is a village with a lazy promoting villain (Robbie Rotten) who lives beneath the town who's only goal is to make everyone in the village extra lazy. But, the fitness hero (Sporticus) who lives in the sky on his spaceship has to come to town to thwart the attempts of the lazy villain of overtaking the town.

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    I have seen previews but my kids were never really into it. I like Backyardigans

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    the tights not bad .. but nothing for me .. my youngest daughter like a lil bit

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    Always thought that Stephanie could be a boy in a wig and tights. Not that she was.

    Not bad. Fun, a bit preachy on the fitness stuff. Another strange export from Iceland.

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    I absolutely LOVE that show! I have only been able to find it on regualr cable in spanish

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    I have a lazy town Suprise Santa VHS. I love lazy town because it throws you right into kid mode! songs and dancing and it really keeps me entertained. Some kid shows are kinda slow and boring. Like, dora the explorer is really cute but all the repetition gets on my nerves. Lazy town has a fluid fun story line ;D. woot!

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    I LOVE Lazy Town! The puppets, Robbie Rotten, the music, it's all just wonderful!

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    I enjoy it, but only for my kiddie self. I can watch Spongebob normally, but definitely not Lazytown. Pretty cute show, though.

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    Ive never really properly watched it. I'm more in Disney Channel cartoons (loving Phineas and Ferb at the moment, even have a perry the platypus t-shirt which I openly wear )

    On a side note for anyone who has an interest in video game development I recently found out that Lazy Town uses Unreal Engine 3 tech.

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