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Thread: A Christmas gift for you?

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    Default A Christmas gift for you?

    Just wondering if anyone bought themselves any kind of gift for the holidays (diapers, pacis, plushies, ect.)? Me, I bought a new teddy and I got a plushie puppy for my bf.

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    a scooby doo plushy from my friend

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    I got more diapers but really the timing worked out in such a way that I ran out in time to order more during christmas. I am thinking of buying myself a pair of footed pajamas with the money I got.

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    I'm probably gonna go to the store tomorrow during the craziness and buy myself some stuff...I don't know what yet, but I'll figure it out as I go along :P
    If I don't find anything I'll probably buy a couple more pairs of footie pajamas ^^

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    I just got myself a bunch of diapers, and a nuk 5, I have wanted one for ever, and finally decided to just buy one, I love it!

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    Hehe Yes I bought myself a Pooh Bear plushie and got a Hello Kitty one too. BTW...where can u get a NUK 5?? I want one too!! LOL

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    Santa brought me a new Paci, a footed sleeper, and some more padding supplies.

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