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    I'm 37 yrs old, a normally active and healthy guy, though job stress seems to be taking its toll on me these days. I'm new to this forum and have been labeled as a lurker due to my shyness and lack of time to internet, so I figured that I better post something when I found some free time during the holidays.

    I'm not new to the AB/DL scene; a DL mainly, but never have been a bedwetter, though I have often fantasized about it. But very recently when I received a CPAP machine to treat my sleep apnea, bedwetting has now become a reality. Most say that they were bedwetters before being treated and stopped after going on CPAP, but the Dr says that everyone is different and each responds differently to sleep apnea treatment. So I invested in some more cloth prefolds diapers and Edley-Lang Plastic Pants, plus a mattress protector, in order to protect my Tempurpedic mattress from certain ruin.

    I'd love to hear from about with sleep apnea and bedwetting experiences, and how they were able to cope and explain to their families of their problem. I'm also single and would like to settle down and start a family some day, but finding a girlfriend who would accept me for who I am despite having a tube tied to my mouth and wearing diapers, seems to be an impossible task that is "easier said than done". But, I'd really like to hear about dating experiences from other bedwetters and sleep apnea patients. And I'm hopeful that someday that I will meet the right person, who will understand my condition, and love me for the person that I would be a blessing.

    thanks for your time

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    hi and welcome here and I think your real name is the best one.

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    My handle name was one I made up a while back for the AB/DL forums, mainly because I guess because I wore cloth and Gerber plastic pants at night up til 6 yrs old. When I first got into these forums, and although I actually fantasized about being a bedwetter, I was never serious to becoming a bedwetter to fear of how it would complicate my life and affect my social acceptance. At that time, I never would have never thought that diapers would be an actual medical need for me. But wow, I was surprised how much a simple medical condition can change everything. I've told a few family members, but none of them gave it any extra thought and they treat me the same as they always have. One even said that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that he would rather have me use my CPAP and wake up in a wet diaper than to not wake up at all...his response reminded me that I need to thank the Good Lord for each day that I am alive.

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    You mean that you have talk whit them about the diaper?

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    Well yea, they roommate with me...sooner or later, they will discover the embarrassing laundry. I'd rather they hear it from me than to discover it like some sort of secret.

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