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    I'm wondering are diaper sizes universal? As in, if i like Brand "A" in Medium and i want to try some thing by another maker, will the sizing still be the same and same fit?

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    No, diaper sizes are not universal between brands, and even within brands different lines may not fit in the same way, so a medium in Brand A's Discreet line may not fit in the same way as Brand A's Super Thick line. That said, there is usually some similarity between the sizing, it's not often that a medium in one size is going to be grossly bigger or smaller than a medium in another size, but the size may differ by an inch or so between brands so if you are near the upper or lower limit of the size in one brand of diaper you may need to go up or down a size to get the right fit.

    I find the fit of a diaper differs more than the size, generally. There are some brands of diapers which I just don't fit comfortably in, even though I am well-within the size recommendation. The cut of different diapers will differ, both between brands and between differing lines within the same brands, and the cut can alter how the diapers fit, for example around the legs or around the waist. I find Tena slip diapers fir my body-shape very well, they are comfortable and rarely leak, but I know that other people really dislike the fit of Tena diapers. Abena M4 diapers, on the other hand, do not fit me well at all and I cannot get a good, comfortable fit around the legs; they either feel uncomfortable whilst wearing or leak.

    Different types of diapers will suit different body shapes and different needs. Most diapers will state the waist size (eg: Medium, 29-36 inches) on the packaging, so be aware of your waist (or hip/bottom if your hips/bottom are wider than your waist; always measure the largest part to be covered with the diaper) size and be sure that you fit within the recommendations. If you are at the upper or lower limit you may need to go a size up/down, and may need to experiment with both sizes. In terms of finding the best fit all you can really do is experiment; if you are within the waist recommendation and you still don't get a comfortable fit with a certain type of diaper then you may which to switch to another brand and see if that offers a cut which fits you better.

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    Thank you very much Babyjess, this will help out greatly.

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    I had another question and instead of making another thread i thought i'd just put it there

    I've been looking at "Depends Adjustable Super Absorbency Underwear" which look ok and are pretty easy to come by in my area. But i'm wondering about the sizing. S/M 28/45in Waist 100-190LB's and L/XL 44/65in Waist 170/300LB's are my choices, now I wear a 38in pant and check in @215 so i'm kind of jumping between the sizes here and i'm not sure what will be better for me. If anyone who uses this type can weight in on this and help me make a good choice it would be greatfully accepted.

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    I would start with the s/m for the Depends adjustable, because 1. they've always seemed bigger to me, and 2. they are stretchy so it should fit, but if you go too big it might leak around the legs more.
    you may find every now and then you buy something that should fit and it doesn't, I have a few packs of diapers that are too small or too big. Just use them up as a stuffer or double diapering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommytemper View Post
    I1. they've always seemed bigger to me, and 2. they are stretchy so it should fit, but if you go too big it might leak around the legs more.
    That's what I was looking for exactly. Thank you Tommy

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    Oh my.... so I got in the first of several sample packs i ordered These being the Bambino Medium/Large pack, when i opened the pack I went right for the medium and they where way to tight!!!!! Needless to say my ego is a bit bruised but at least I didn't order a whole pack of medium. the large are ok, a bit bulky but i'm sure i'll get used to that. Now i just need my other samples to come in before i make my first big order

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