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Thread: hello from ,Maine

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    Default hello from ,Maine

    hi all , im a diaper boy in southern Maine , i wear diapers to bed every night for wetting issues , i was a bedwetter also as a kid .well into high school . then it started again recently ... (well a few yrs now ) i dont mind wearing diapers and wear them a lot and most days now also .. hope to chat with others ... someday hoe to find a guy that is ok with me wearing diapers all the time ...

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    Hi Kevin!

    Welcome to ADISC,
    for me liking diapers kinda sprang out of bedwetting (since I had the diapers around). I never expected to really get into this, but because at age 11 i had to pee, and i had a random thought/ idea/ impulse to just jump out of the bathtub and put on a diaper and wet it on purpose, i scted on that impules and the rest is history. {read more in my blog if you are interested in the way I got into it}

    Just curious, Kevin, what kind of diapers do you like?
    How do you buy them (from a store or online, etc)
    And being we are in a bad economy, do you think they have good value for your money?

    - Will =)

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    I'm from maine too

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    Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum. Your profile says you are a Chef, is that right? Do you specialize in any type of food, or do you just like to cook? What other interests do you have? We always like to get to know people better here. Hope to see you around.

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