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    So I'm hoping my parents got me Skyward Sword for Christmas, because I've heard very positive reviews about it. However, I can clearly see that it will be set in an entirely different mood than Twilight Princess.

    The darker and dull-ish colors on TP is something that I absolutely adore, because it creates a hopeless and melancholy mood while playing, which thus creates less optimism in the player, which then makes you more on-edge and scared for your life (I know, that's kind of overdoing it for a Zelda game...but that's how I roll!). I personally think the extremely bright colors in many of the other games make them all come off as childish and not meant to be taken seriously.

    Such a game that I'm referring to is Wind Waker. I mean, really...those colors have probably contributed more to my future blindness than anything else.

    Anyways, the newest Zelda is much brighter than TP, but not as bad as WW. Does anyone feel the same way about the mood, and have you played both TP and SS? Which one was a better experience?

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    I think the thing about the wind waker was it had an over all cartoony theme to it. Still kinda fun but not my fav zelda game. I havn't played much of TP but I really want to get it eventually. Skyward Sword looks much less cartoony and more on the realistic side. It is probably so bright in the adds and such because the game takes place mostly in the sky and they had to push that fact. Could still have it's dark moments though, maybe a night/day cycle? But over all it has an interesting concept and I think It has much potential.

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    The graphics I think is supposed to show how that link is seeing the world. The WW link is a kid and therefore he see's the world as a fun and cheerful place, While the TP link see's the world dark and serious since the world is being turned into twilight and his friends are kidnapped. And I have played both TP and SS, and I say SS was a better experience because you can control which way the sword swings and also had alot of funny and sad moments.

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    Well, I'm in the middle of both TP and SS (Got them both for Christmas), so I can't say too much about either of them.

    If you're one for storyline, then TP is the way to go. It's got such a dark storyline to it, which in turn makes it gripping. It makes you want to know what happens next. And the music is incredible (Hyrule Field at night, it gives me goosebumps, I love it so much), they obviously took their time when writing and composing the music.

    You know what, I think I'm gonna play TP now.

    But... if you're one for moving around and having fun with the game, you'll like SS. I think that SS was made to be more of a fun game with a lighthearted storyline than anything else. Sure, it has its moments where it gets your emotions worked up (I'm a hardcore gamer, too, I get involved in the games I play), but all in all, it's a fun one. If only there were a foam Master Sword that you could insert the Wii remote into... sorry, nerdgasm :P And SS will get you laughing at yourself once you realize how much you're overacting with sword fights and stuff.

    Like I said, SS has a good storyline, but it's not at all dark like TP's is. Personally, I like TP more than I do SS, but I play SS more because I get a freaking sword :3

    And make sure you have Wii Motion Plus, or you can't play SS at all.

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    I recently got SS and havn't played it that much but from what I got from it so far is that the mood is cheerful and lighthearted but I think it will make a good adittion to the Zelda series.

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    I Like TP better because I loved the dark direction that game went in and I like WW. It was corny but cute. I also like SS so well I you can amuse I love every Zelda game for what it is.

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    Everyone says, Tp is dark. But I was fricken scared the entire time I played it. Well sorta. I didn't really get scared but they had something startling you every 10 seconds. But I prefer SS. Just for the cheerful mood. Thats why I like phantom hourglass a lot. I just don't like the dark setting. It depends on what you want.

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