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    Default Hi, I'm redfox1

    I've been here awhile and I haven't really given a good intro, so I figured now would be a great time. Anywho, I'm redfox1; Red because its my favorite color, fox because I like foxes (and the movie Fox and the Hound) and one because well that's for me to know and you to ask later... (yes I realize it's an intro but I like a little mystery don't you?)
    Anywhere, I'm here because I've been here many times before to help give a certain level of peace and calm to myself. I should go ahead a participate a little if I find a sense of calm from here, right?
    Anyway, I like the conversation, but moreover, the type of conversation, and the subject. life can be boring this takes a little of the mundane out of it.

    I know I haven't said much but truthfully I've said a lot. I also like the concept of a paradox.

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    I love a good pardox. Then again i like to argue and fight over a certain hill on this forum so I like a challange. For a moment I thought your name was related the actor Red Fox. Are you a furry or do you just like foxes?

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    Yay, can't have enough foxy fans .

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll enjoy your stay. I've been here for a few weeks so far, and it's been great. I can understand your comment about it being calming, it's similar to me. So is there anything else you like doing in your spare time? I enjoy playing turn-based role playing games on my XBox or PS3 .

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    Ah, a conversationalist, you'd be amazed how rare it is to find someone who enjoys the use of shielded ambiguity and a lavish sense of language. However I can't help but feel that we may have trepidations in relating beyond a love of communication. Perchance you could divvy a few more of your interests.

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    Hi Redfox!

    Welcome to ADISC

    Just curious, so far, what do you like best about this website?

    Also, what is your favorite diapers, and do you think they are a good value?

    - Will =)

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    Sorry guys I've been away a little while although I've come back the last few days and browsed a some. To answer your questions about me I'll go in the order presented to me.
    Laz: No, I'm not a furry; however, I am a bit intrigued by it. In other words ready to listen and learn.
    AlexFox: Well, I grew up in a remote area and never got into video games; In fact I still don't own one. However, I do enjoy amateur electronic building (circuitry), and I'm in the process of teaching myself that while in college. I like to let my mind just "float away" especially when I come home to family. I love them but they can really add a pile of stress onto me.
    Jewbacca: (cool name) As for "divvying up more interest," I find it slightly difficult to expel just anything. I do like to get straight to the point of what ever the conversation is, the simplest and most efficient answer tends to be the best. However, a good explanation is usually necessary for proper clarification, which I intend to give once a direct question is made or some sort of issue taken up. I really don't know how to describe myself unless a direct question is asked.
    wwetbed: As for what I like best: the people, clean atmosphere, also the diaper forum and articles page. Bambino diapers are the best but I haven't tried all different ones. I KNOW I hate depends (they're anything but dependable), for now I'm happy with Bambino but wouldn't mind trying a few others.

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