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Thread: ADD/ADHD and Diapers

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    Default ADD/ADHD and Diapers

    Recently I have been diagnosed with ADD, in fact it was about a week ago. I have always had a concern about it but after not doing as well as I thought I could in some of my college classes I felt it may benefit me to be tested for ADD. Anyway, I got to wondering if there may be some kind of correlation between ADD and a desire to wear diapers, or I guess I should say ABDLs in general. You see it is said that people with ADD have a higher sense of creativity or are more dreamy. Do any of you have ADD? Do you think that there could be a correlation between the two?

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    Spddan discusses the possibility of a correlation between neurological disorders and diaper loving in this article. It may be of interest to you.

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    technically i am adhd but i figure it is close enough for the poll

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    I've not got anything like that as far as I'm aware, but still love my diapers enough to wear them continuously. Looking at the poll results however it seems like I could be the exception to the rule here, so I'd be interested to see how this thread develops

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    I was diagnosed with it as a kid. Sometimes I question if I really have it or not but I don't fret over it or else I'd drive myself crazy like I did last time with Asperger's and the spectrum. I don't think my ADD had anything to do with my desires.

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    By the way, for everyone's info out there, ADD is not actually an official diagnosis anymore. ADHD now covers both the old ADHD and ADD. What you were probably officially diagnosed with is ADHD inattentive type, but try explaining why it isn't what ADHD impulsive type or combined type to a kid with well, ADHD. Your doctor most likely simplified it for you. Trust me, I was already in another world by the time my doctor said deficit when I was diagnosed many moons ago.

    The advantage of this is that it adds a new category. Combined type is the old ADHD, inattentive type is the old ADD, so impulsive type is a new one that a sliver of people fit into.

    Has anyone else's noticed a lot of ADHD threads going up recently by the way? We just can't focus on one thread. :P

    The only advice I have to give is to never settle for what you are given to manage it. If it isn't working or it makes you feel off or bad, ask to try something else. For me I switched off of methylphenidate (Ritalin) to strattera for a couple of reasons. I didn't like that I was basically taking meth every single day mostly. Ritalin in quite close to meth and cocaine. I have an addictive personality too and caught myself wanting more.

    Not to say that ritalin won't work for you, but if you ever feel uneasy on your meds, give your doc a ring.

    Wow look at the time. Gosh, this doesnt have anything to do with the original topic. I tangented off of a tangent. Dear me. Got to fix this. I like diapers, I have ADHD. Cool. I like being realavent.

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    When did they get rid of ADD? I assume it was in the year 2000 because I was diagnosed with it in 1995 and it said ADD in my medical records.

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    All of the doctors and therapists said I had ADD, so my parents put me on all kinds of Medications when i was in fourth grade. Sure, I did better in school but I was basically the living dead. No personality, no creativity, I couldn't eat, I didn't want socialize. It was like being on speed and I hated it and my life. I made the decision to sit my rents down at ten and tell them I'd rather be myself and do poorly in school than feel like a zombie and get better grades.. they listened. The next year I calmed down and made myself focus and I did fine.

    I'm totally with the people that think that ADD is just a medical term from a kid acting like a kid.

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    In all do respect, while i was diagnosed when i was younger, i can still tell i am ADHD. My fiancee will attest to this in fact. Some days are better than others, but it is there. From my understanding, one core thing of ADHD is that the body handle chemicals differently, which is why you are given an upper to calm you down. I, for instance, have never managed to get a sugar high, never had a caffine high, never even had caffine keep me awake. I also notice on occasions it is nearly impossible to keep my brain on task no matter how hard i try. By the way.... im 21. so no kids being kids excuse here. XD

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