I found some of my old diskettes recently and unfortunately- my modern 21st century computers don't have diskette drives as those have gone the way of the dodo bird.

What makes it a treasure trove for me is I can maybe go through my old AB stories I wrote back eight years ago or so and edit them as I feel I've gotten better as a writer. Wow.... makes me feel good.

Now, to find a USB diskette drive... may ask a friend if she still has hers so I can borrow it. I checked prices, they're really not all that expensive so I may invest some money into one next month if I can afford it.

This is starting to be a good day! And one of the diskettes, has my original novel manuscript! I thought it was lost forever! Yeah- I shoulda backed it to CD but when you no longer have a diskette drive; you're screwed. You gotta love it when you can re-edit things and I will probably post those stories here on ADISC for a new audience.


If the mods feel the need to move this to the computer page, they can- I just am excited to find something I thought was lost and gone.