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    Hi, I'm new to the ABDL thing but I've been a furry for a while. I'm currently working on getting a degree in Music Composition and Business Management and also working on a minor in computer science. If I could take another degree I'd also like to start doing artwork again but I guess I should try narrowing down my options if that's what you can say I'm doing. :P Anyway, hello everyone. I hope I can make some friends on here and look forward to chatting with you. Happy holidays for whatever you celebrate and enjoy the winter!

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    Welcome to Adisc. Do you have any hobbies you like to do? I'm a gamer myself both virtual and pen and paper games.

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    As far as hobbies go, I love playing the piano and writing music in general. I like fixing computers and when I feel like I have a bit more free time, I'd like to pick up my pencil again and start drawing again. As far as games go, I don't really play online games except for minecraft. I somehow got addicted to that one. My most recent game system is the PS2 so apart from that I play games like Dark Cloud and Final Fantasy XII. I also play D&D 3.5. I'm starting up my own campaign for that soon. Apart from that, I kinda keep myself busy in college if you can call that a hobby. :P I also like reading, having finished the Harry Potter books about a hundred times before I finally admitted to myself that I had it basically memorized and didn't even need to pick up the book. xD One of my favorite series in the DragonLance series!

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