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Thread: reviving the Robotics project *still looking for peeps*

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    Post reviving the Robotics project *still looking for peeps*

    Well... that downtime drove me nuts...
    The robotics project is designed as a way to make a furry-robot, me and grizzy started working on this about a month ago

    Designer(s) : 1 dude, looking for more ^^
    Structure builder(s): 3 peeps, looking for more ^^
    Mechanical movement head : Needed, presumably someone experienced
    And many other positions are available,

    Reminder, Cybertronics is an Non-profit organization until I graduate.

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    Colour me crazy, but haven't the Japanese already cornered the market on robotic pets?

    Can we say Tekno? (cats & dogs)
    How about WowWee? (dog)
    Tiger Toys - PooChi
    The list goes on, I'm sure, but those are just a few.

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    im not talkin' like this stuff, im saying a robot like a T-800 ^^, but not able to go on a killing spree and take over the world, ^^; (sorry if that disapoints anyone)

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    Are you talking about creating a robot that replicated the image of a creature, that is controlled remotely by man? or a software-controlled robot with some amount of AI, both are hard to produce.

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    Default wanted an AI pet XD, and the anthro is sooo cool... GL buddy

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    Why Didn't I see this earlier? I would be thrilled to join in as a designer. I've already done some realistic designing for my Sci-Fi mechs, this wouldn't be too much different.

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