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Thread: Why act this way!?!

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    Default Why act this way!?!

    Let me first say that this has nothing to do with this fine site and it's great members. Instead it's aimed a three customers I saw at my job at a bakery during midnight and one am Texas time on Friday the twenty-third of this year.

    To those three customers: Same on you. There is absolutely no reason why three adults whom appear old enough to have graduated college (university) to behave worse than three-two year olds.

    The entire time you were at our business, you were obnoxious, rowdy, borderline rude to the night clerk which I find most annoying, and you ran out to your suv and drove off leaving your place in the dining area a complete mess. And by a complete mess, I mean a complete mess; our clerk had to spend time cleaning up the coffee mess that got over the window and wall because of you three. Time that could have been better spent doing her work in the prep area to get the donuts ready for deliveries.

    I'll be willing to bet you three would have run of and not payed had our system been set up like a normal restaurant.

    Again, SHAME ON YOU!!!

    I have never been so disappointed to see three adults behaving so bad. If I was your mother, I would have taken you over my knee right then and there. Then I would have made you three clean up that mess you made, and apologize to the clerk. There is absolutely no reason for you three to act the way you did! It's time for you three to grow up an act your age; not like some kids on a sugar rush. It's not 'cool.' It's not 'funny.' The only thing it was, was a disgrace to the rest of us adults that are mature enough to handle being out in public.

    I hope I do not see you three coming back again; otherwise I will show you the door myself.

    Again, SHAME ON YOU THREE!!!

    Now I feel better getting that off my chest. Seriously, why do people act that way?

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    People are idiots. It's a natural thing I guess and I see it all the time where I live. For example, I saw something like that one night at where I worked, I actually helped the poor server who'd gotten stuck with the mess because it was just too bad and I felt it was the right thing to do. People have no respect for those in the service industry or restaurant industry.

    Many think people like that don't deserve respect but I think they do.

    I've worked in the restaurant game off and on since '95 and I've seen a lot of messes in my day and I have had to clean up my fair share. People act spoiled and stupid and have no brain and they think those in the restaurant industry are here to serve them when we are there to do a job.

    Tripped, you have my sympathies. I've been there done that with rude-ass people with no respect to people.


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    Tripped, I am sorry you had to deal with them & the aftermath as well!! It is a shame when people do not respect other people property & do not conduct themselves in a mature manner like the 3 you had to unfortunately deal with!! I have never worked in the restaurant industry, but have had many friends do it & have heard horror stories from them about what they have had to deal with!!

    **huggles a Tripped**

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