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    I have a old Dell CPi D300xt laptop. It has a Intel Pentium 2 300MHZ processor, with 128MB or Ram and a 5GB HD. I currently have windows xp on it and it runs fairly good with it. But i would like to ask you guys which Linux to try on it.

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    Any lean base system with a wise choice of programs would probably do, but I assume you don't have any Linux knowledge. If you really want to get into it you can start off with something like archlinux.
    For just using it (you can still learn Linux from there on, it's just that you arent forced to) I recommend Fedora or Ubuntu - which is far to demanding for this hardware, so I end up recommending UbuntuLite ( ).
    It uses Ubuntus base system but brings its own selection of desktop programs instead of just dumping the gnome desktop onto your pc.

    Meh! copy that link then. stupid forum doesnt allow links with a post count <5 D:!

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    Debian is good, just install the base system and a basic x windows system with kde. Don't go with all the default stuff it wants to install because it installs too much and with a hard disc that small it would become filled up very quick.

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    I'd recommend ubuntu (base) over debian since its very well documented and quite similar.

    But before you start, maybe try googling for your laptop model + linux, maybe there are driver problems we are not aware of.

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    Damn Small Linux or Xubuntu might be a reasonable choice. Arch is good too, but if you don't have much linux experience you may feel a little lost .

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    Xubuntu ftw, but even then it might not be great on a system like that.

    FreeBSD? =D

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    That's a bit on the low end for most modern linux distros with a GUI.

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