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    Hello everyone this is my first time ever actually telling another person i like diapers. I dont know really what else to say right now but that.

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    hello , i understand, it is very hard to admit, though i think you will notice the people on this site are very nice, you ca pretty much say anything, just remember, dont be nervous

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    Hi LittleFrankie! That's all right you don't have to open up all at once

    Hope you find you like it here, and if you want to share a bit more about your hobbies & things you like, that would be cool too

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    Yeah this was the first place I told anyone too but that's what the site is for, people are understanding and supportive

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    Welcome Frankie, fellow Ohioan. I'm too lazy to do it, but someone ought to make an Ohio interest group here on ADISC. So, tell us a little more about yourself - what got you into liking diapers, and what other interests do you have?

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