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    on of my many flaws is im self counsious about my art andstory and i just want to know one thing. would you read this?

    the is about a royal family.the king and queen are killed in an attack on the kingdom by someone who has a mysterious power .at person later takes the throne. luckily the princ survives though thought to be dead.he comes in conact with a my steriou girl.
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    The plot is interesting but as a idea its kinda bleh
    How about a history of a on going war between two families, a little cliche but hey it works....
    for hundreds of years the two have been going at it in war and during this setting you could set something like a traitor in the midst like a close
    brother or cousin who "witness" the murder of the family and saw that the prince was "kidnapped"... Being that he is the only relative there he claims the throne and rules
    still in war with the enemy family... The mysterious girl could be a daughter of the enemy family that for some reason was wandering through the woods right as the prince was running away....
    you could put a weird story behind her like she was accused for murdering the royal family or something and that she was on the run when a army overtook the city she was in... *shrugs* but i would read it
    Edit: Suggestion... Maybe a futuristic time where humanity has gone back to monarchies and medieval styled living but with a cyber twist lol

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    it sorta gives off a feeling of the plot romeo and juliet( montague capulet )

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    Hmmm now that I think about it *reads over*
    it does lol *shrugs* but hey just a random idea

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    The picture looks good.
    Has a lot of depth to it.
    I like it!

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