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Thread: How Long to Stay in a Wet Diaper.

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    Default How Long to Stay in a Wet Diaper.

    This has never been an issue with me before: how long do I keep on a wet diaper? I recently switched to Dry 24/7's and they can last 12 hours or more. Previously I wore Abena 4-series, and changed those three times a day, sometimes four. Staying in a wet or damp diaper for 6 or even 8 hours was something I'm comfortable with. What about staying in the same wet diaper for 12 hours?

    Your thoughts? Experiences? Advice?

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    I've stayed in a wet diaper for at least 12 hours before. The main guidelines I used for deciding when to change is a) the diaper becomes loose b) I think I'm about to leak or c) I feel uncomfortable.

    I do use powder and cream though

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    I highly recommend not staying in a wet diaper for 12 hours, or even 8 or 6 hours. Staying in a wet diaper can be bad for your skin, and I would suggest changing within 1-5 hours.

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    Rukario makes a good point - it can be bad for the skin. I know from experience (I regularly sleep wet) that I'm fine staying wet for 12 hours, but others may not be. As mentioned in my post - if you start to feel the least bit uncomfortable you should change as soon as possible.

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    My mom nurse aid and work nursing home and she told me that the longest you say in used diaper is 1-2 hours not matter what brand it policy. I follow my mom rules change after 1-2 hours most long stay wet is 3 hours because could not find a place change when was out. By follow her way never had diaper rash the only I ever had was heat rash from hot weather

    I know adult diaper not cheap want get most out of them but also need think about health they soon you change better it is for skin however if sit in a we diaper long the acid from pee will damage skin. Causing scores and rash over time you are in wet diaper, here my option is to change after 1 to 2 hours after using it. I know diaper calm to be able go 12 hours without change but that to me is plain gross and lazy too. I know most diaper come the UK and else was but if we did not change someone for 12 hrs in states there would be large law suit.

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    6 of one /half a dozen of the other. If you drink enough water to neutralize your urine, i.e. it is clear and odorless, you will pee more often, thus needing to change before 12hours. The flip-side being, yes, i could dehydrate myself and use one-two quality diapers but it will irritate the skin after a few hours and stink.

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    The longest I've gone wet is about 12 hours, but usually no more than 4 hours. I find after 2-3 hours of being wet, it starts to become a bit uncomfortable (usually not itchy, but if it does I change right away). Of course depending on how wet it is how quickly I'll change.

    If it leaks, I usually change right away (Don't want wet furniture!).

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    I have stayed in a wet diaper for as long as 48 hours. I would suggest the use of a good quality diaper cream , if you plan on more than 12 hours.
    Wet diapers do not seem to bother me , as long as the are held together , and do not leak.
    So......experiment away , and you will soon find your comfort range.
    Happy Diapering,

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    When your member rots and falls off, I'd say it's been on for too long. Sorry...

    For me it depends on what diaper it is. If it's a cheapass diaper like Depend Fitted then I usually don't go for longer than 45 minutes before changing if it's wet. But with something like Bambino, I've stayed over 8 hours in one before, wetting it multiple times over that period and using it to its full capacity (which is a LOT; I can't imagine what using one of their booster pads with it is like).

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    the longest I will go in a wet diaper is usually a few hours, by that time Ive had to go a couple more times so the diaper is at capacity at that point. during the night if i wake up wet and the diaper still has a good capacity remaining I will wait till I get up eat a quick breakfast before a shower and a fresh change if I am going to need one during the day. I am able to go overnight without a rash because I use a barrier cream at night during the day its usually just some powder.

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