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Thread: Help with nephew

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    Default Help with nephew

    I'm looking for some pretty specific advice here, so hold on to your hats!

    My nephew is 7 years old, and has recently been diagnosed with a few learning disorders, and has started attending a different school a few days a week since he never learned the basics due to his large class size combined with some learning difficulties. Last night I was down aat my brothers house, and my nephew was doing a puzzle book, which he asked me to help him with. We started trying to spelling out words together, and write words down, and we both had a really good time, although I did come away very worried - I used to volunteer at a primary school in the 1st year class and there were children by Xmas who could read and write better than he can. I'm really glad he's getting the help he needs now.

    Anyhow, my brother phoned me today and has asked me if I'd mind coming down once a week and doing something similar with my nephew, apparently he's not stopped going on about how much fun he had. Basically theyre just trying to get him to read and write as much as possible, so if he actually enjoyed it then that's great.

    Of course I agreed, so I thought I'd buy some more puzzle books so we could go through them. He was doing a club penguin puzzle book, but I'm seriously out of the loop on what's cool now a days lol. So... 7 year old boy... What puzzle books should I get him?

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    I remember I used to love the invisible ink puzzle books when I was a kid. There were a whole bunch of different kinds, some with trivia, some with games like battleship in them. A quick search revealed that there are still some around.

    Invisible Ink Books - Hours of fun with Mr. Mystery, Disney, Mickey Mouse, Nascar, Yes & Know, Mazes, Travel Games, and much more!

    Also, I'm not sure if you have it in the UK, but Highlights magazine is chock full of puzzles and activities for young children to do. The hidden picture games they have are really fun.

    I hope this helps and you should be proud of yourself for helping your nephew this way.

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    My son is ten now so I may be a little out of the loop, but I would recommend; Blues Clues, Disney, Sesame Street, and Between the Lions.

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    Ask Charlie! I'm sure he'd get you some childish ideas :P

    Toy Story? How can anyone not like toy story!
    Ben10? That seems to be popular with kids.

    Ask your brother what TV Shows he likes, and you can usually get activity books based on them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
    Toy Story? How can anyone not like toy story!
    I hate Toy Story. :P

    Dinosaurs. Children seem to absolutely love dinosaurs. I know my mom's friend's children fell in love with them when they were given a few dinosaur figurines one birthday. Now they're crazy about them, as far as I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Setsuya View Post
    I hate Toy Story. :P.
    Ah! This is true, but you forget that you're weird. :P You also hate Pizza, and Peanut butter. You're strange. But you make a good best friend :3

    On topic: I agree with Dinosaurs!

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    Little kids like that are often very impressionable. What ever you think is cool or thought was cool when you were younger could be cool to him. Also space can be VERY cool to any kid!

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    Maybe books about the subjects he's interested in? That's what my parents did with me because I had a hard time with the literature they used at school when I was his age. I found that helped me out and made me love reading a lot. I found it hard to understand things I wasn't interested in for some reason as a child. Maybe it's cause I had a one-track mind with the Aspergers.

    But the aforementioned titles would work just as well.

    By the way, I think it's awesome what you're doing with your nephew. One of my aunts did something like that with me when I was young and to this day I am still grateful for how she helped me out too.


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    Young boys generally like anything that can be perceived as strong, semi-violent and/or funny, so things like Pokemon, Super heroes, power rangers, spongebob, adventure time would all be good choices.

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    I don't think it's the type, or topic of the puzzle book that matters. It's you, Talula, that makes the difference. To me, there has always been a ringing sparkle of thoughtfulness in what you write about. You have an under-tone of enthusiasm and kindness behind your words. I think that this is the reason you are such a wonderful tutor. Good luck with helping your nephew.

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