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    Okay this may be a strange question but I was just curious. Our babies’ incontinence or they just can't tell the signals they to need to go to the wet or poop. The reason I'm asking a pretty sure you all heard of diaper free baby's movement were mothers are potty training their children at such a young age, and here a lot of reviews that this works so that's why i'm curious. So does babies actually have control but just can't tell by the signals that bladder or bowels are given them or don't.

    So what's your opinion on all this with the diaper free baby thing as a baby really know but just can't tell?

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    I'm fairly sure that the muscles required to control their bowels are not developed that early. However some babies have been trained at very young ages (I've heard about less than 9mo) however it isn't really practical to do so since they can't really use the potty that young and it's far less hassle for the parent to change a diaper.

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    I figure it was muscles not used have no control that part of the body but is insert topic with diaper free baby because a lot what have incontinence in ABDL community but if think about if just weakling muscles you can become that way. However you will never weakling to point baby has when little but you need go more and not be able to hold it long. So in way you do get some what control but like toddler during potty training not is able to hold it long.

    Just give option on what thing this way no can control could happen to some I know you will not lose complete but do lose a lot closet to it.

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